Muhammad Asim Butt

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Muhammad Asim Butt
New asim.jpg
Residence Islamabad
Nationality Pakistani
Alma mater Government College University, Lahore
Scientific career
Fields Urdu Novelist, Short Story Writer, Translator,
Researcher, Editor, Critic and Journalist
Institutions Pakistan Academy of Letters

Muhammad Asim Butt (Urdu: محمد عاصم بٹ) is an Urdu novelist, short story writer, translator, researcher, editor, critic and journalist.[1][2] He has published two novels and two collections of short stories along with a number of books translated from English into Urdu and vice versa. Butt also writes in English. [3] [4] [5]


Muhammad Asim Butt obtained a master's degree in philosophy from Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan in 1989.[citation needed] He started his career as a journalist but soon shifted to the development sector as human rights activist in 1997.[citation needed] Most recently, he has been working with the Pakistan Academy of Letters, Govt. of Pakistan as Editor of the quarterly Adabiyaat, a literary magazine since 2006.[6] He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.[citation needed]



  • Ishtihaar Aadami (Ad man اشتہار آدمی) (short stories), Fiction House, Lahore, Pakistan, 1998[7]
  • Daira (Circle دائرہ) (novel), Sanjh Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 2001 [8]
  • Dastak (Knock دستک)(short stories), Dunyazaad, Karachi, Pakistan, 2010[9][10]
  • Naatamaam (ناتمام), (An Unending Story) (novel), Sang e Meel Publications, Lahore, Pakistan,2014[11]


English to Urdu

  • Borgese Kahanian بورخیس کہانیاں ( selected short stories by Gorge Luis Borgese), Sang e Meel Publications, Lahore, Pakistan, 2017[12]
  • So Azeem Aadami سو عظیم آدمی (The 100 by Michael H. Hart), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1992[13][14]
  • Muhabbat Key Khatoot محبت کے خطوط (Love Letters by Khalil Gibran), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1993[15]
  • Kafka Kahanian کافکا کہانیاں (translation of stories by Franz Kafka), Jang Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1994.[16][17][18]
  • Mukhtasar Tareekh-e-Alam (A Short History of the World by H G Wells), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1995.[19]
  • Marco Polo Ka Safarnama مارکو پولو کا سفر نامہ (Travelogue by Marco Polo), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1999.
  • Muhammad (Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet by Karen Armstrong), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 2002.
  • Toahamat ki Dunya توہمات کی دنیا (by Carl Sagan), Mashal, Lahore, Pakistan, 2003.
  • Bai Moasam Key Phool (A selection of Japanese stories), Mashal, Lahore, Pakistan, 2003.
  • Sarif Nama صارف نامہ (introduction to consumer rights), The Network for Consumer Protection, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2004.
  • Fidelio فیڈیلیو (by Ludwig van Beethoven), Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Fur Die Freiheit, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2011.
  • Taaleem Ka Liberal Nuqta-e-Nazar تعلیم کا لبرل نقطہ نظر (Liberal Readings on Education (by Stefan Melnik and Sascha Tamm [Eds.][20]), Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Fur Die Freiheit, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2012.

Urdu to English

  • Tale of Four Saints (Retelling of Persian classic tale Qissah Chahaar Darvaish into English) National Book Foundation, Islamabad, 2016 and CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second edition (September 4, 2016).[21]

Research and criticism[edit]

  • Doosra Aadami (The Other Person دوسرا آدمی) (interviews), Jang Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan, 1993[22]
  • Pakistan Sal Ba Sal (Pakistan Year by Year پاکستان سال بہ سال, National Language Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan, 1999[23]
  • Insaani Haqooq aur Urdu Sahaafat انسانی حقوق اور اردو صحافت (Human Rights and Urdu Journalism), The Network for Consumer Protection, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2005
  • Abdullah Hussein: Shakhsiat Aur Fun عبداللہ حسین: شخصیت اور فن (Abdullah Hussein: Person & Work), Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2009.[24]
  • Kia Jamhooriat Pakistan Kay Liay Zaroori Hai? (Is Democracy Essential for Pakistan?), Liberal Forum Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2010.[25]
  • Bahtareen Afsaanaon Ka Intikhab (a selection of best Urdu short stories in 2011), Takhleeqat Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan 2011[26]


Asim's novel Naatamaam ناتمام won Akse Khushbu (عکس خوشبو) Literary Award for Fiction for 2014. [27] [28]

Asim's novel Natamaam ناتمام has won UBL Literary Excellence Award for 2015. [29]

A selection of best short stories of Urdu Despairing Voices: Selected Urdu Short Stories compiled and translated by Syed Sarwar Hussein, published by Satyam Publishing House, India, 2011 includes two short stories of Butt.[30]

A detailed research thesis based on the critical analysis of three modern Urdu novelists including Butt, by Robina Sultan, published with the title 'Teen Nai Novel Nigar' by Dastaaveez Matbuaat, Lahore, Pakistan in 2012.[31]

Participated as a speaker in the Oxford Literary Festival arranged by Oxford, Pakistan and British Council, Pakistan at Islamabad, Pakistan from 30 April to 1 May 2013.[32] [33]


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