Muhammad Farooq Khan

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Muhammad Farooq Khan
Born 1956
Swabi Mardan Division
Died October 2, 2010 (age 54 years)
Baghdada, Mardan, Pakistan
Website Dr Farooq Khan
Era Modern era
Region Pakistani scholar
School Farahi-Islahi
Main interests
Islamic law and Quranic exegesis
Notable ideas
Separation of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) from Sharia (Divine law)

Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan was born in a village of district Swabi in 1956 and died as a result of an assassination attack on October 2, 2010. He got his basic education from district Swabi. He then joined Cadet College, Hasanabdal and later on Cadet College, Kohat. After having studied medicine, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. He established his private practice in Baghdada Mardan. The Government of Pakistan had appointed him as the first Vice-Chancellor of Swat Islamic University some time before his death. He was awarded Sitara e Imtiaz Posthumously by the Government of Pakistan for his services.


He was the author of several books on different issues but his main interest areas were the study of Quran and Islam. Dr. Farooq was the author of several books including the following:

  • Pakistan and the Twenty First Century (Urdu),
  • Jihad, Qital and Islamic world (Urdu)
  • What is Islam? (Urdu)
  • Islam and Women (Urdu & English)
  • Dialogue with the West (English)
  • Kashmir Issue (Urdu & English)
  • The questions of Modern Mind and Reply of Islam (Urdu)
  • Critical study of Ordinance of Hudood, Qisas and Diyat (Urdu)


Dr Farooq Presenting Quran to Police Chief of Mardan Division

He was assassinated on 2 October 2010 in his clinic at Baghdada Mardan when two armed young men entered his clinic and opened fire at him.Dr Khan and his assistant died at the spot. Taliban claims responsibility of his murder. He was the Vice-Chancellor of University of Swat.


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