Muhammad Abul Abbas of Sicily

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Muhammad Abu Al Abbas ibn Abu Iqbal
Italy 1000 AD.svg
Italy before the defeat of the Saracens
PredecessorAbu Iqbal ibn Muhammad
SuccessorAhmad ibn Muhammad

Muhammad I Abu 'l-Abbas, (died 856) also known as Muhammad I of Sicily, was the fifth emir of the Aghlabid dinasty, who ruled over Ifriqiya, Malta, and Italy's Emirate of Sicily, and Bari for a period of 15 years. Although little is known about him, Muhammad I was widely considered to be the most successful military leader in the Islamic Italy.[1]

Muhammad I was the son of the dynasty's fourth emir, Abu Iqbal (838–841). Under him the Aghlabids continued their expansion into the Mediterranean, conquering Messina, Taranto, Bari, and other parts of Apulia. He also plundered the Vatican and attempted to seize Rome and Naples. Despite being unsuccessful to storm the walls of Rome, his troops managed to loot St. Peter's Basilica, the world's biggest church, and Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.[2]

In Ifriqiya agriculture and trade flourished and new urban construction was observed, most notably those of the Great Mosques of Sousse and Sfax. Muhammad's reign was briefly interrupted by the his brother Abu Ja'far Ahmad, who like his Abbasid contemporary Al-Wathiq supported the Mu'tazili and persecuted their Sunni opponents, executing some and imprisoning others, like the Maliki jurist Sahnun; when Muhammad I regained the throne in 847, he sent his brother into exile and rehabilitated the Sunnis, making Sahnun chief qadi of Ifriqiya.

Muhammad I was succeeded by his son Ahmad ibn Muhammad (856–863).