Muhammad I of Córdoba

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Muhammad ibn Abd ar-Rahman al-Awsat
محمد بن عبد الرحمن الأوسط
Silver dirham minted during
the reign of Emir Muhammad I.
5th Emir of Córdoba
PredecessorAbd ar-Rahman II
Died886 (aged 63–64)
DynastyUmayyad dynasty
FatherAbd ar-Rahman II

Muhammad I (823–886) (Arabic: محمد بن عبد الرحمن الأوسط) was the Umayyad emir of Córdoba from 852 to 886 in Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia).


Muhammad was born in Córdoba.

The Banu Qasi Muwallad family, led by Musa ibn Musa, allied with the Arista family of the Kingdom of Navarre, and rebelled, proclaiming himself "third king of Spain" (after Muhammad and Ordoño I of Asturias). The rebel Umayyad officer Ibn Marwan returned to Mérida and also rebelled against the emir who, unable to quash the revolt, allowed him to found a free city (Badajoz, in what is now the Spanish region of Extremadura) in 875. Finally, Toledo rebelled with the support of Ordoño I, but was defeated in the battle of Guazalete.

He engaged in diplomacy with Charles the Bald, the Carolingian king of the West Franks, sending him camels in 865.[1]

In 880 Umar ibn Hafsun, a man of probable Visigothic or African origin, also started a revolt which was only suppressed in 928, under Abd ar-Rahman III ibn Muhammad.

Muhammad I died in 886, being succeeded by his son al-Mundhir ibn Muhammad I.


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Muhammad I of Córdoba
Cadet branch of the Banu Quraish
Preceded by Emir of Córdoba
Succeeded by