Muhammad Jamalul Alam II

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Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam II
II محمد جمال العالم
Sultan of Brunei
Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam II(Brunei).jpg
Reign 10 May 1906 – 11 September 1924
Predecessor Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin
Successor Ahmad Tajuddin
Born 1889
Died 11 September 1924
Burial Kubah Makam Di Raja
Spouse Raja Isteri Fatimah
Issue Ahmad Tajuddin
Omar Ali Saifuddin III
Father Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin
Mother Pengiran Isteri Fatimah
Religion Sunni Islam

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Sir Muhammad Jamalul Alam II ibni al-Marhum Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin, KCMG (1889 – 11 September 1924) was the 26th Sultan of Brunei Darussalam (1906 to 1924).

He was the eldest surviving son of Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin. When his father died, the responsibility of the Sultan was in the hands of the Majlis Pemangku Raja, that is the Council of Regency. It was only in 1918 that His Highness was crowned as Sultan. Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam II took a great deal of interest in the progress of the country, encouraging advances in agriculture, medicine and education.

The Sultan also encouraged learning Islam, which was often carried out in the surau or small mosque. As a sign of commitment to Islam, he built a mosque despite the country's lack of revenue. The mosque was built on a piece of land near the present Kampong Sultan Lama. The local community used the mosque until it was destroyed in wartime bombing during the reign of his son, Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin.

It was also during the Sultan's reign that Islamic Law was officially introduced. This was known as Muhammadan Law. It was introduced in 1912, replacing the Kanun Brunei. Then in 1913, the Marriage and Divorce Act was introduced. He kept his position on the State Council, which met to approve and amend laws and policies. With the introduction of the Residential System in Brunei in 1906, all the executive power, except in matters of religion, was transferred from the Sultan to the Resident. In 1922, he moved from Istana Kampong Ayer to Istana Majlis.

Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam II's reign was a short one. An outbreak of malaria claimed his life as well as three members of his family. He died on 11 September 1924, aged thirty-five. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Crown Prince Ahmad Tajuddin. He was buried at the Royal Mausoleum at Jalan Tutong.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin
Sultan of Brunei
Succeeded by
Ahmad Tajuddin