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Muhammad Khalid Masud (born 15 April 1939) is the Director General of Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. The President of Pakistan appointed Mr. Masud as an Ad Hoc Member of Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court on 18 October 2012.[1] On 1 November 2012 he took oath administered by Chief Justice of Pakistan as an Ad Hoc Member of Shariat Appellate Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan.[2] Formerly he was Chairman (2004–2010) of the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan.

Early life[edit]

Masud obtained his PhD in Islamic Studies at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Previously he worked as the Academic Director of the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) in Leiden, Netherlands. Until 1999, he was a professor at the Islamic Research Institute in Islamabad (Pakistan). His publications include Shatibi's Philosophy of Law (rev. ed. 1995), Iqbal's Reconstruction of Ijtihad (1995), Islamic Legal Interpretation: The Muftis and their Fatwas (with B. Messick and D. Powers, 1996), and the edited volume Travellers in Faith: Studies of the Tablîghî Jamâ'at as a Transnational Islamic Movement for Faith Renewal (2000). He has been an editor of the journal Islamic Studies.[3]


He has worked and taught at the following institutions as:

Authored, edited and co-edited a number of books such as:

  • Muhsin-i A‘zam (1963)
  • Islamic Legal Philosophy (1977)
  • Iqbal's concept of Ijtihad (1975)
  • Shatibi's Philosophy of Islamic Law (1996)
  • Iqbal's Reconstruction of Ijtihad (1995) and
  • Muslim Jurists' Quest for the Normative Basis of Shariah (Leiden : ISIM)

He has edited and coedited:

  • Islamic Legal Interpretations (Harvard, 1996)
  • Travellers in Faith (Brill, 2000)
  • Dispensing Justice in Islam (Brill 2006)
  • Islam and Modernity: Key Issues and Debates (Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh 2009)

Authored around ninety-five Research articles, chapters and encyclopedia articles published in journals of international repute; included as chapters in books edited at el or co-authored and/or in Encyclopedias.

Books by Muhammad Khalid Masud[edit]


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