Muhammad Mayyara

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Mayyara's tomb in Fes.

Abu Abd Allah Mahamad ibn Ahmad Mayyara (1591–1662) was a jurist and theologian from Fes, one of the most reputable scholars of his time.[1] He is the author of a commentary on the Tuhfa by Ibn Asim, a commentary on Al-Musrhid al mumin by his teacher Ibn Ashir and Sharh al-Shaykh Mayyara li-Lamiyya al-Zaqqaq, a commentary on al-Zaqqaq's Lamiyya. Mayyara's Nazm al-la'ali wa-l-durar contains a fahrasa and hence biographical information about himself. Well known is also his work called Nasihat al Mughtarrin[2][3] in defence of Bildiyyīn (Muslims, like himself, of Jewish descent) whose position had been deteriorating after the death of Ahmad al-Mansur in 1603.[clarification needed]


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