Muhammad Shah of Selangor

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Sultan Muhammad Shah
Sultan of Selangor
Reign 27 October 1826 – 6 January 1857
Predecessor Sultan Ibrahim Shah
Successor Abdul Samad
Died 6 January 1857
Burial Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor
  • H.H. Tengku Ampuan Raja Basik binti Arung To' Mojong
  • Y.A.M. Raja Asiah binti Al-Marhum Sultan 'Ali 'Alauddin Shah of Riau
  • Raja Sulaiman
  • Raja Mahmud
  • Raja Laut
  • Raja Abbas
  • Raja Abdul Jabbar
  • Raja Ibrahim
  • Raja Siti
  • Raja Saleha
  • Raja Lijah
  • Raja Auyah
  • Raja Senai
  • Raja Atfah
  • Raja Perbu
Full name
Almarhum Sultan Muhammad Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah
House Daeng Chelak
Father Sultan Ibrahim Shah, second Sultan of Selangor
Mother Cik Puan Besar Encik Long Halijah binti Dato' Hussain
Religion Sunni Islam

Sultan Muhammad Shah, (Almarhum Sultan Muhammad Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah; ? - 6 January 1857) was the third Sultan of Selangor.[1] His reign lasted 31 years until his death and saw the opening of tin mines in Ampang and the separation of Selangor into five independent districts.


His Highness was the son of Sultan Ibrahim Shah by his wife, Cik Puan Besar Encik Long Halijah binti Dato' Hussain . He was the law-fahter of Abdul Samad, the 4th Sultan of Selangor.

His daughter, Raja Atfah, was married to Sultan Abdul Samad, the 4nd Sultan of Selangor. Thus, His Highness was the great-grand maternal grandfather of Sultan Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah.


Muhammad Shah was not the son of his father's first wife, but since he was made the heir presumptive during his father's reign, Selangor dignitaries accepted him as the next Sultan of Selangor. Sultan Muhammad Shah was not as competent in governing the state and did not have total control over local rajas, village leaders or their districts. By the end of his rule, Selangor was separated into five individual territories, namely Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Kelang, Langat and Lukut. Each area was governed by different leaders and Muhammad Shah only controlled Kuala Selangor.[2] Chinese settlers started mining for tin in the state during his time. The setting up of tin mines in Ampang brought business to the people and this was to be his only recognised success.[3][4]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ibrahim Shah
Sultan of Selangor
27 October 1826 – 6 January 1857
Succeeded by
Abdul Samad