Muhammad VI al-Habib

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Habib Bey (Bey of Tunis, Tunisia)

Muhammad VI al-Habib (13 August 1858 – 13 February 1929) (Arabic: محمد الحبيب باي‎‎, Muḥamad el-Ḥabīb Bāy) was the ruler of Tunisia from 10 July 1922 until 11 February 1929.[1]

He was born at the Palace of Bardo the only son of Prince Muhamad el-Ma'mun Bey. He was appointed heir apparent with the title Bey al-Mahalla on May 12, 1906. He succeeded as Bey of Tunis on the death of his cousin Muhammad V an-Nasir.

Muhammad VI died at Carthage having been married three times with two daughters and three sons including Muhammad VIII al-Amin.


Preceded by
Muhammad V an-Nasir
Bey of Tunis
Succeeded by
Ahmad II ibn Ali