Muhammad Younis Butt

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Muhammad Younis Butt
Born Muhammad Younis Butt
(1962-01-04)4 January 1962
Gurjanwala, Punjab, Pakistan
Occupation Humorist, writer, columnist, senior executive producer, vice president
Nationality Pakistan
Education MBBS
Alma mater King Edward Medical College
Genre Humor
Subject Urdu
Notable works Family Front
Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain
Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain

Mohammad Asbaq Younis, Muhammad Akbar Younis

Azan Younis

Muhammad Younis Butt is a Pakistani screenwriter and humorist notable for his shows. He is also a column writer and executive producer. His current popular show is Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain. Most of his dramas were derived from writings. His current Drama is Ham Sab Ajeeb Se Hain which is being on-aired on Aaj Entertainment. He is the author of more than thirty books.

Early life[edit]

Muhammad Younis Butt was born in Gujranwala, a city in Punjab Province renowned for its healthy food and enriched culture, on 4 January 1962. Majority of the people belonging to Gujranwala are indulged in the sports of Desi wrestling (kushti) as their cultural and folk activity due to their exaggerated dairy and meat diet. Muhammad Younis Butt later reveled in his book Not A Listening Matter: “…when I was in my early hood doctors advised me in relation to my physical slim appearance that I should not participate in wrestling in fact he suggested that slim persons like me can even-it-out by just watching the game twice a day!”

Versatility In career[edit]

Butt knew that his urge to understand human nature will one day abridge his journey to give art lovers what they deem to get. Psychology would have been a one stop solution to all this until he realized that in order to understand human nature you first need to understand human. This thought laid the foundation of his versatile professional evolution. He initiated with the Studies of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from King Edward Medical College and after completion of the degree he served the nation as a doctor for several years. This helped him a lot to understand human nature and was a step closer to his ultimate goal. During his student life he was involved in many dramatic/theater-based activities and initiated working on his comedy books.

Professional career[edit]

His first most popular drama written was Family Front. This play won the Nigar Award in 2000. It was the only humor of the time when there was only PTV available in Pakistan. His later work was Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain. Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain is one of the most popular shows in Pakistan. In March 2012 Younis Butt left Geo.[1] and joined Dunya TV. It has its own Bas Kar Award. Ladies Park a comedy show of Geo TV was written by him.


His books include:

Awards and honors[edit]


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