Muharraq Island

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Native name: جزيرة المحرق
Muharraq and Manama.jpg
Muharraq in the foreground; Manama on Bahrain Island in the background
Muharraq Island is located in Bahrain
Muharraq Island
Muharraq Island (Bahrain)
Location Persian Gulf
Coordinates 26°16′01″N 50°38′18″E / 26.266941°N 50.638390°E / 26.266941; 50.638390Coordinates: 26°16′01″N 50°38′18″E / 26.266941°N 50.638390°E / 26.266941; 50.638390
Population 110 964 [1] (as of 2010)
Ethnic groups Bahraini 62.4%, non-Bahraini 37.6

Muharraq Island (Arabic: جزيرة المحرق‎) is the third largest island in the archipelago of Bahrain after Bahrain Island and Hawar Island. It is named after Muharraq City, the former capital of Bahrain.

There are several towns and villages located on the Island, including:

Bahrain International Airport and the Muharraq Airfield are also located on the island.

There are three causeways connecting Muharraq Island with Manama on Bahrain Island: