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The Muhlenberg family created a United States political, religious, and military dynasty based in the state of Pennsylvania. The German American family descends from Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg/Henry Muhlenberg (1711–1787), a German immigrant, noted Lutheran minister, and founder of the Lutheran Church in America.

Noted members of the Muhlenberg family include:

Muhlenberg Brothers Todd Muhlenberg Current| Muhlenberg Brothers Tyeson Muhlenberg Current| Brent Muhlenberg Current| Devynn Muhlenberg Current|

Hiester family[edit]

In addition, the Muhlenbergs were related to the Hiester family. Some notable members include:

Family tree[edit]

Johann Conrad Weiser, Sr.
Conrad Weiser
Nicolaus Melchoir Muhlenberg
Anna Maria Kleinschmid
Anna Maria Weiser
Henry Muhlenberg
Peter Muhlenberg
Frederick Muhlenberg
Henry Ernest Muhlenberg
Mary Catherine Hall
Eve Elizabeth Muhlenberg
Christopher Emmanuel Shulze
Maria Salome Muhlenberg
Matthias Richards
Isaac Hiester
Hester Muhlenberg
Francis Swaine Muhlenberg
Henry William Muhlenberg
Henry A. P. Muhlenberg
Frederick Augustus Hall Muhlenberg
Elizabeth Schaum
John Andrew Shulze
William Muhlenberg Hiester
George Frederick Baer
William Augustus Muhlenberg
Henry Augustus Muhlenberg
Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg
Catherine Anne Muhlenberg
of Peter)
Isaac Hiester
Mary Kimmell Baer
Henry Augustus Mulhenberg III
Henrietta A. Muhlenberg
of Henry A.P.)
William Frederick Muhlenburg
George Baer Hiester
Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg II