Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage

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Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage
Muhsin Ertuğrul Sahnesi
Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage is located in Turkey
Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage
Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage
Address Talatpaşa Boulevard 167
Location Dikimevi, Mamak, Ankara
Coordinates 39°56′04″N 32°52′36″E / 39.93444°N 32.87667°E / 39.93444; 32.87667Coordinates: 39°56′04″N 32°52′36″E / 39.93444°N 32.87667°E / 39.93444; 32.87667
Owner Mamak Municipality
Operator Turkish State Theatres
Type Local authority
Capacity 288

Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage (Turkish: uhsin Ertuğrul Sahnesi) is a theatre venue in Ankara, Turkey. It is owned by Mamak Municipality and operated by the Turkish State Theatres. It is named in honor of the Turkish stage actor and director Muhsin Ertuğrul (1892–1979).

The theatre is situated inside the Mamak Cultural Center (Turkish: Mamak Kültür Merkezi) on Talatpaşa Boulevard 167 at Dikimevi, Mamak, Ankara. The interior was renovated and the technical infrastructure was modernized by preserving the theatre's historic texture. The auditorium has a total seating capacity of 288, including 50 box seats.[1]

The theatre is generally home to performances of municipal actors, choirs and folk dance groups.[2] It hosts also activities of local foundations, associations and schools. It is among the official venues of Turkish State Theatres.[1]

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