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Muhtar is the elected village head in villages of Turkey. In cities, likewise, each quarter has a muhtar but with a slightly different status. Muhtars and their village councils (Turkish: Azalar or İhtiyar heyeti) are elected during local elections for five years. However, political parties are not permitted to stand candidates for these posts.

Rural muhtars[edit]

In each village, muhtar is the highest elected authority of the village. (There is no mayor in a village.) According to the Village Law,[1] tasks of the muhtars are in two groups: compulsory tasks are about public health, primary school education, security and notification of public announcements, etc. Noncompulsory tasks depend on the demands of village residents.

Urban muhtars[edit]

In each town there are several neighbourhoods. In medium-sized cities, there may be tens of neighbourhoods, and in big cities, the number may exceed well over 100. Each has a muhtar. Urban muhtars have fewer tasks than rural muhtars [2] like registering the residents of the quarter and providing official copies of birth certificates and ID cards.


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