Muirs Highway

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Muirs Highway
Western Australia
General information
Type Highway
Length 161 km (100 mi)
Route number(s) State Route 102
Major junctions
West end South Western Highway (National Route 1), Manjimup, Western Australia
  • Rocky Gully–Frankland Road
  • Denmark–Mount Barker Road
East end Albany Highway (State Route 30), Mount Barker, Western Australia
Major settlements Lake Muir, Rocky Gully
Highway system
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Muirs Highway is a Western Australian highway linking Manjimup and Mount Barker on the Albany Highway. It is signed as State Route 102[1] and is 161 kilometres (100 mi) long. It provides a shorter distance between Manjimup and Albany. It is a lonely highway surrounded with karri and jarrah forests with no settlements in between except the small farming settlement of Rocky Gully.

Muirs Highway was named after brothers Thomas and John Muir, the first European settlers in the Warren district, who settled at Deeside in 1852 and built a rush hut there in 1856.[2]

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Coordinates: 34°22′59″S 116°27′01″E / 34.38311°S 116.45027°E / -34.38311; 116.45027