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Mujawwad is an adjective which comes from the noun tajweed which means pronouncing the words and letters of the Quran correctly and according to the classic Arabic. Mujawwad is a melodic style of Qur'an recitation which is known throughout the Muslim world. As opposed to Murattal, multiple types of sectioning are used in regards to its phrase lengths. The vocal quality of Mujawwad can be relaxed, tense, or alternate between the two, to create a dramatic effect. The melodic structure tends to be step-wise, but leaps of a fourth or more are also used; range can extend over an octave. The Melismatic properties of Mujawwad can be quite extensive as compared to the mostly syllabic content of Murattal.

Murattal is the adjective of the noun tarteel, which is reciting the Quran in a melodic tone of voice.


There are several primary styles/tunes (Maqām {مقام}) of recitation. They are as follows:

  1. `Ajam {عجم}
  2. Bayāt {بيات}
  3. Ḥijāz {حجاز}
  4. Nahāwand {نهاوند}
  5. Rast {رست}
  6. Ṣabā {صبا}
  7. Jiharkah
  8. Kurdi
  9. Bistibkur
  10. Bustanikar
  11. Yekah
  12. Syabir
  13. Suznak
  14. Sikah
  15. Dukah