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Garlic sauce (Mujdei)

Mujdei[1] (Romanian pronunciation: [muʒˈdej], plural: mujdeie) is a spicy Romanian sauce. It is made from garlic cloves crushed and ground into a paste, salted and mixed energetically with water and vegetable oil, sunflower oil is almost always used. Depending on regional preferences and the dish it is served with, vinegar or other ingredients may be added. The result is a white sauce with a very strong garlic flavor, varying in consistency from a thick paste to a very runny sauce. In some parts of Romania mujdei is made out of cream, ground garlic and some salt.

It is served with a variety of dishes, including fried fish, fried or grilled chicken or pork, rasol, even fried potatoes, etc.

The word is derived from "must de ai", that is must of garlic.[2]

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