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Garlic sauce (mujdei)

Mujdei[1] (Romanian pronunciation: [muʒˈdej], plural: mujdeie) is a spicy Romanian sauce. It is made from garlic cloves crushed and ground into a paste, salted and mixed energetically with water and vegetable oil; sunflower oil is almost always used. Depending on regional preferences and the dish it is served with, vinegar or other ingredients may be added. The result is a white sauce with a very strong garlic flavor, varying in consistency from a thick paste to a very runny sauce. In some parts of Romania mujdei is made out of cream, ground garlic and some salt.

It is served with a variety of dishes, including fried fish, fried or grilled chicken or pork, rasol, and fried potatoes.

The word is derived from "must de ai", that is, 'must of garlic'.[2]

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