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Mujician were an free improvising and free jazz quartet. The core members were Paul Dunmall (reeds), Keith Tippett (piano), Paul Rogers (bass) and Tony Levin (drums and percussion).[1][2] The band's name "comes from Tippett's daughter, describing what dad does for a living".[2]

Mujician formed in 1988.[1] Their first album, The Journey, contains a single track recorded live at the 1990 Bath Festival.[1][2] Poem About the Hero is also a live recording, done in front of a small audience; their first studio session was Colours Fulfilled,[1] made in 1997.[2] The 2000 The Bristol Concert release was recorded in 1991[1] and added Julie Tippetts on vocals and the Georgian Ensemble.[2] This was followed by Spacetime (2001) and There's No Going Back Now (2005).[2] Mujician retained the same core group of four members and toured in 2010 to mark Levin's seventieth birthday.[3] These were their final performances, as the drummer died in February of the following year.[3]


  • The Journey (Cuneiform, 1990)
  • The Bristol Concert (What Disc, 1991)
  • Poem About the Hero (Cuneiform, 1992)
  • Birdman (Cuneiform, 1995)
  • Colours Fulfilled (Cuneiform, 1997)
  • Spacetime (Cuneiform, 2001)
  • There's No Going Back Now (Cuneiform, 2005)
  • 10 10 10 (Cuneiform, 2021)



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