Mujigae tteok

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Mujigae tteok
Korean culture-Doljanchi-01.jpg
Mujigae tteok in the background
Alternative names Saekpyeon, osaekpyeon
Type Tteok
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Rice flour, sugar
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Mujigae tteok
Hangul 무지개떡 / 색편/ 오색편
Hanja none
Revised Romanization mujikae tt'ok/ saekpyeon/ osaekpyeon
McCune–Reischauer muchigae tch'ok/ saekp'yon/ osaekp'yon

Mujigae tteok is a variety of tteok, or Korean rice cake, which consists of colorful layers. It literally means "rainbow tteok and also called saekpyeon (colored tteok) or osaekpyeon (five colored tteok). Mujigae tteok is made by steaming a mixture of colored rice flour and sugar in a siru (an earthen steamer).[1] It is used for special occasions such as a banquet, party, or feast like doljanchi (celebrating a baby's first birthday), hwangap (celebrating 60 years old people's birthday), or gyeolhon janchi (wedding party).

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