Mujo Ulqinaku

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Mujo Ulqinaku
Mujo Ulqinaku.jpg
Birth name Mujo Cakuli
Born 1896
Ulcinj, Principality of Montenegro (now Montenegro)
Died 7 April 1939 (aged 42–43)
Durrës, Albanian Kingdom (now Albania)

Royal Albanian Army


Italian Invasion of Albania

Awards People's Hero of Albania

Mujo Ulqinaku (born Mujo Cakuli; 1896–1939) was an Albanian sergeant of the Royal Albanian Navy, known for his resistance on April 7, 1939 to the Italian forces during the Italian Invasion of Albania. He was given the People's Hero of Albania award after death.


Mujo Ulqinaku was born in 1896 in Ulcinj, in the Principality of Montenegro, now modern Montenegro, to a family of sailors and fishermen. In his teens he joined the commercial fleet in Shkodër and Lezhë. Later he served in the Albanian navy, based in Durrës, with the rank of sergeant, commanding the patrol boat Tiranë. He was one of the few officers of the Royal Albanian Army who tried to stop the Italian invasion of Albania. Armed only with a machine gun, he was placed in the center of the defense line and fought uninterruptedly until he was eventually killed by an artillery shell from an Italian warship in the last hour of the battle.[1] It is reported that he killed and wounded dozens of Italian soldiers with his machine gun.[2]


To honor his action, patriotism, and sense of duty a monument was erected in front of Durrës Castle. A grammar school in Durrës and streets in Tirana and Prishtina bear his name.[2] A documentary on his life and actions with the title "Lufton Mujo Ulqinaku" (English: Mujo Ulqinaku fights on) was released in 1979 by Kinostudio Shqipëria e Re.[3]


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