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Official logo
Formation 2003
Type non-profit organization
Headquarters Kolkata, India
  • India
Official language
English, Bengali, Hindi
Sankar Halder
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MUKTI (Bengali: মুক্তি "Liberation"), is a registered not-for-profit and socio-economic development trust working in Sunderban and other part of West Bengal, India for making uplift of the grassroots are in penury, social exclusion and myriad discriminations. Mukti is registered under the Government of India Trust Act Section 64. Mukti, which means liberation, was founded in 2003. More than 500 volunteers work in the Sunderban region of India in the areas of health, education, the economy, ecology and culture.[1]


Mukti supports and implement various projects across India. Their activities include creating a village sanitation project for villagers and operating several programs, including a primary healthcare center and tutoring.[2] a Book Bank project.[3] They also provide a scholarship program.[4] Mukti is registered with Government of India under Section 64. Any donation to Mukti is deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.[5]


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