Mukti Bandhan

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Mukti Bandhan
A promotional logo image of Mukti Bandhan.
Genre Drama
Written by Vipul Mehta
Mihir Bhuta
Directed by Vikram Ghai
Sangeet Kulkarni
Starring See below
Opening theme "Mukti Bandhan"
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
No. of episodes 153
Producer(s) Shobhana Desai
Cinematography Sudesh Kotian
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Production company(s) Shobhna Desai Productions
Original network Colors TV
Picture format 720i (SDTV)
Original release 10 January (2011-01-10) – 29 September 2011 (2011-09-29)
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Mukti Bandhan (English: Bond Redemption) is a television series from India, that has aired on Colors, based on the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary sense for business. The story is an adaptation of Harkisan Mehta's novel Mukti Bandhan. The story was adapted by Vipul Mehta. Due to a high-class concept, this show could not get success with ratings, so it was shifted to 11 pm.

The show ended on 29 September 2011.

Character Descriptions[edit]

Devki Virani[edit]

(Female protagonist) Nominated: For Face Of Progress In Colors Golden Petal Awards

Devki is a contemporary woman with aspirations but at the same time she has her roots intact. She is highly respected in the business circles and touted to be the next big thing, but she does not let this affect her virtues and principles. She is the exact opposite of the very powerful I.M. Virani. She threatens to overtake him with her business acumen and grounded nature. She married Vaibhav Virani to fulfill her grandfather's wishes but started falling in love with him after marriage. Her husband's love for the actress Sabina led her to sign the divorce papers. She was the one who broke the fake pride of I.M. Virani and made him a true man.

Vaibhav Virani[edit]

(Devki's husband "I.M." Virani's eldest son) Nominee in the New Talent Award

Vaibhav Virani, is I.M. Virani’s eldest son, who successfully runs his dad's business. Stubborn and arrogant he always follows his dad and also a big human being.

Charulata Virani[edit]

(I.M. Virani's wife)

Ishwarlal's wife, Charulata is a woman of substance. She respects her husband and is very supportive, in spite of knowing that her husband is wrong at times and does not even love her back. She knows her husband is doing only wrong deeds, so to balance that she is always part of satsangs, and is involved in social service and working for the less fortunate...

Siddarth Virani[edit]

(I.M. Virani's younger son)

Siddharth Virani the youngest Virani brother is soft-spoken and an obedient son but not as smart and sharp as Vaibhav. He has an artistic bent of mind and likes painting, music, etc., but can never express his interests to anyone. He thinks his father is always right and has immense respect for him. He is always given less preference in business making decisions.

Nirali Virani[edit]

(I.M. Virani's daughter)

I.M. Virani's daughter, Nirali, is his only daughter. Nirali is today's girl, who is fashionable, techno savvy, well-spoken, well-read and full of zest. She is very adventurous and bold. She uses the best of the luxurious facilities available. She believes that money and power has its own advantage, but that is not everything. She does not like to stay in the shadow as 'Virani family’s daughter'. She craves for her own identity.

Motilal Virani (Master)[edit]

(I.M. Virani's father)

Motilal Virani is the father of I.M. Virani. Motilal has always been a teacher all his life and loves his family a lot. He is a very learned man, with his set of principals in life. In spite of being a father of a multi-millionaire, he still leads a very simple life. He wears only kurta and dhoti, eats his meals on the ground and lives on his pension. He believes that his son is a big man, not him. Motilal’s sense of humor always livens the atmosphere in the house.

Kesarba Virani[edit]

(I.M. Virani's mother)

She loves her husband and feels lucky to have such a warm family. She is a typical Gujrati and has ideology of successful man is not a rich man, but a man who sticks to his roots, his principals. Even at this age, they both share a very romantic relationship.

Rajvi Siddharth Virani[edit]

Rajvi is Siddharth Virani's wife. She is shown as Viraj's ex-lover though Viraj is still crazy about her.She has a son Gaurav and always wants siddharth to be happy.


Pawala is I.M Virani's childhood friend from maangrol, who is living with I.M Virani's family.


Chandraprabha is the birth mother of Devki Virani, and had died, before Devki could see her face. Devki's grandfather's talks of her sometimes, but he never talks of Chandraprabha's and Ishwar Virani's adolescence relationship. Chandraprabha is married to Dalichand.


Actor Character
Shiv Kumar Subramaniam Ishwarlal Motilal Virani (Mr.IM.Virani)
Esha Kansara Devki Shah/Devki Vaibhav Virani
Siddharth Arora Vaibhav Virani
Surbhi Zaveri Vyas Charulata Virani
Raj Singh Siddarth Virani
Yohana Vacchani / Hunar Hali Nirali Virani
Utkarsh Majumdar Motilal Virani (Master)
Meenal Patel Kesarba Virani
Ekta Saraiya Rajvi Siddharth Virani
Deepti Naval Chandraprabha Shah/Parimeeta (Devki's mother)
Ramesh Talwar Bhavanji Bha (Devki's grandfather)
Nazneen Patel Sabeena Qureshi
Rishi Sharma Rishi
Winy Tripathi Viraj
Sumit Vats / Rahil Azam Jimmy
Hiten Tejwani Vicky Oberoi
Rajeev Mehta Dalichand (Devki's Father)
Nilesh Pandya Praveen Kaka (Pavla)(Is The Best Friend Of IshwarlalVirani)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category
2011 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor in a Negative Role

Shiv Kumar Subramaniam As Ishwarlal Virani (I.M Virani)

Best Art Direction

Akshay Vayeda (Crew)

Best Dialogues

Mihir Bhuta (Crew)

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