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Mukul Deora is a film producer, musician, conceptual artist, and entrepreneur [1] living in Mumbai.

Mukul is currently the Chairman of Watchtower Pictures,[2] a film production and distribution company. Watchtower's first production was Bheja Fry 2 in 2011. According to IMDB, Bheja Fry 2 opened to impressive collections and was declared a Hit.[3]

Mukul Deora at BREAK

Watchtower is currently producing a film based on The White Tiger, the Mann Booker Prize-winning novel.[4]

Mukul released his debut album Stray[5] with SONY BMG in 2006. Stray was written, composed and produced by Mukul. Howie B, who has previously produced U2 and Björk came on as Executive Producer. Stray reached number 12 in the Indian charts, and was a critical success, with the UK's Guardian newspaper calling it "an uneasy, surreal new vision of India."[6] Pennyblackmusic said "It's a hallucinatory experience; burgeoning with tension and personal angst, existential bafflement and the estrangement that can only truly occur when utterly surrounded by a metropolis of millions. Think of 'Naked Lunch' set in Bombay, remixed by William Gibson and starring a subcontinental Serge Gainsbourg with a penchant for better living through chemistry ... that's about as close as you're going to get. It's fascinating."[7] Whisperin and hollerin's Huw Jones says - "Constantly expanding on themes and getting ever complex, Mukul’s kaleidoscope of audio delights showcase his heritage, Djing background and innovative thinking. Whilst never outright dark, there’s a potentially deviant side to his music that slowly hangs in the balance and becomes claustrophobic, but at no point does it become too oppressive, not just yet anyway, it’s a fine balance, but one that Mukul can strike with ease."[8]

Prior to Stray, Mukul founded Transmit Audio Lab, an ambient noise / found sound collective. Transmit Audio had several ground-breaking performances In India, where they pioneered the creation of lengthy soundscapes using sounds recorded from Mumbai's aural fabric, layered with industrial and electronic rhythm patterns. Mukul's debut ambient gig in 2001 is seen by some as India's first.

Mukul has performed at the Tate Modern, London, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (India) and the World Social Forum, Mumbai.

In 2005, Mukul sold Mipak Polymers Limited, a packaging solutions company that he had started in 1999. Mipak had over 300 employees and 4 factories across India.

In 2008, Mukul directed The Body Electric, with Shezaad Dawood. The Body Electric was used to launch the prestigious UK Cultural Olympics, and was projected on Norwich Castle for 2 days.[9] The duo performed under the name Dawood/Deora.

Dawood/Deora also performed at the Serpentine Gallery, London, as part of the Indian Highway show,[10] and released Expressway- a compilation of abstract electronica from India. Expressway was released on Dudup, Mukuls record label.

In 2009, Mukul had a solo art show titled BREAK in Mumbai.[11] BREAK was a participative experiment. On entering the gallery, the audience was instructed to take a shuttle bus to an undisclosed location. They arrived at a derelict mill compound where they were asked to sign a disclaimer stating that they accepted full responsibility for any injury that might occur. They were then led to the scene which consisted of a car and sledgehammers. A situation was thus created, where the audience joined the experiment by smashing the car. It became an energetic, passionate, struggle, in which extremes of emotion were given free expression against that quintessential symbol of modernity, the automobile. By 2012, BREAK had achieved near-mythological status, and Diesel + Art had an exhibition with images and videos from the 2009 event.[12]

GQ voted Mukul Best Dressed Indian in 2011 and 2012.

Mukul performed at TED India, where he collaborated with Kalaripayattu dancers to create a piece called The Wandering Arrow- a juxtaposition of an ancient Indian martial form with modern abstract electronic music.[13]

In 2011 and 2012, Mukul had a month-long radio show on Bob Dylan.[14] He also performed at a tribute gig for Dylans birthday in May at Blue Frog, Mumbai.


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