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Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Mulan film soundtrack album cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released June 2, 1998 (1998-06-02)
Recorded 1997–1998
Genre Pop, musical theatre, operatic pop
Label Walt Disney
Producer Jerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder
Walt Disney Animation Studios chronology
Singles from Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
  1. "Reflection"
    Released: June 2, 1998
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]
Filmtracks 4/5 stars[2]
Sputnikmusic 4/5[3]

Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the 1998 Disney animated feature film, Mulan. Released by Walt Disney Records on June 2, 1998, the album featured songs by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, conducted by Paul Bogaev, and score composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. Vocalists included Lea Salonga, Donny Osmond, 98 Degrees, Jaz Coleman, Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera.

The album peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard 200 on July 18, 1998, concurrent to the film’s run in theaters. No singles from the album charted on the Hot 100, although Aguilera's cover of "Reflection" did reach number 15 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The album was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score, although lost to Shakespeare in Love.

A limited edition promotional album featuring Jerry Goldsmith's complete score was also released and became a collector's item.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Honor to Us All" — Beth Fowler, Lea Salonga and Marni Nixon
  2. "Reflection" — Lea Salonga
  3. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" — Donny Osmond and Chorus‡
  4. "A Girl Worth Fighting For" — Harvey Fierstein, James Hong, Jerry Tondo, Lea Salonga and Matthew Wilder
  5. "True to Your Heart" (Single) — 98° and Stevie Wonder
  6. "Suite from Mulan" (Score)+
  7. "Attack at the Wall" (Score)
  8. "Mulan's Decision" (Score)
  9. "Blossoms" (Score)
  10. "The Huns Attack" (Score)
  11. "The Burned-Out Village" (Score)
  12. "Reflection" (Pop Version) — Christina Aguilera
  13. "Mulan's Decision (Synthesizer Version Score) (aka Short Hair (Score))" - Limited Edition CD Bonus Track

Harvey Fierstein, Matthew Wilder, Lea Salonga and Eddie Murphy each have one line in the chorus while Jerry Tondo has two. + Featuring Jerry Goldsmith's main theme and orchestral renditions of the songs.

Japanese Version Bonus track[edit]

13. "Breathe (Special Version)" - Luna Sea

Chinese Version Bonus track[edit]

13. "Reflection" (Pop Version) — Coco Lee

Korean Version Bonus track[edit]

13. "Eternal Memory" - Lena Park (available in both English and Korean versions)

13. "Reflection" - Lena Park (Korean Pop Version)

Canadian French Version[edit]

  1. "Pour notre honneur à tous" (To our honor to all) -— Martine Chevrier, Dominique Faure, Catherine Léveillé et le choeur
  2. "Reflet" (Reflection) -- Martine Chevrier
  3. "Je ferai de vous des hommes avant tout!" (I will make you men first!) - Robert Marien, Michel Charette, André Montmorency, Alain Couture, Anthony Kavanagh, Martine Chevrier et le choeur
  4. "La fille de nos rêves" (The girl of our dreams) - André Montmorency, Alain Couture, Michel Charette, Sébastien Dhavernas, Martine Chevrier et le choeur
  5. "True to Your Heart (Fidèle à votre coeur)" — 98°, Stevie Wonder
  6. "Suite pour Mulan" (Suite for Mulan) -- Instrumental
  7. "Attaque au pied de la muraille" (Attack the foot of the wall) -- Instrumental
  8. "La décision de Mulan" (The decision to Mulan) -- Instrumental
  9. "La jeune fille en fleurs" (The girl in flowers) -- Instrumental
  10. "Les Huns attaquent" (The Huns attack) -- Instrumental
  11. "Le village en cendres" (The village in ashes) -- Instrumental
  12. "Reflection (Version pop)" - Christina Aguilera

Greek Version[edit]

  1. "True to Your Heart (Single)" — 98°, Stevie Wonder
  2. "Reflection" Instrumental — Vanessa-Mae
  3. "Kamári ólon mas, esý (Honor to Us All)" (Καμάρι όλων μας, εσύ) [Pride of all of us, you] — Despina Vandi, Christina Koutsoudaki, Chorus
  4. "Poiá eímai? (Ποιά είμαι;) (Reflection)" [Who am I;] — Despina Vandi
  5. "Leventiá! (Λεβεντιά!) (I'll Make a Man Out of You)" [Manliness!] — Despina Vandi, Petros Filipidis, Alex Panayi, Kostas Vretos, Kostas Bakalis, Pimis Petrou, Chorus
  6. "Aftí pou s' agapá... (Αυτή που σ' αγαπά...) (A Girl Worth Fighting For)" [She who loves ...] — Despina Vandi, Pimis Petrou, Kostas Vretos, Kostas Bakalis, Giannis Papaioannou
  7. "Konta Mallia (Κοντά μαλλιά) (Short Hair)" Instrumental
  8. "To Thema Tis Mulan (Το θέμα της Μουλάν) (Suite from Mulan)" Instrumental
  9. "Epithesi Sto Tihos (Επίθεση στο τείχος) (Attack at the Wall)" Score
  10. "I Apofasi Tis Mulan (Η απόφαση της Μουλάν) (Mulan's Decision)" Score
  11. "Ta Anthi (Τα άνθη) (Blossoms)" Score
  12. "I Epithesi Ton Ounon (Η επίθεση των Ούνων) (The Huns Attack)" Score
  13. "To Kameno Horio (Το καμένο χωριό) (The Burned-Out Village)" Score
  14. "Reflection (Pop Version)" — Christina Aguilera

Polish Version[edit]

  1. "Lustro / Mirror" (Reflection; Pop Version) — Edyta Górniak
  2. "Zaszczyt nam przyniesie to / The honor will bring us to" (Honor to Us All) — Mirosława Krajewska, Teresa Lipowska, Katarzyna Pysiak, Chorus
  3. "Lustro / Mirror" (Reflection) — Katarzyna Pysiak
  4. "Zrobię z was mężczyzn / I will make of you men" (I'll Make a Man Out of You) — Maciej Molęda, Robert Rozmus, Jerzy Stuhr, Katarzyna Pysiak, Jerzy Bończak, Marek Bocianiak, Chorus
  5. "Ta, za którą walczyć chcesz / This, for which you want to fight" (A Girl Worth Fighting For) — Robert Rozmus, Jerzy Bończak, Marek Bocianiak, Katarzyna Pysiak, Paweł Galia
  6. "Postrzyżyny" (Short Hair) — Instrumental
  7. "Suita z Mulan" (Suite from Mulan) — Instrumental
  8. "Atak" (Attack at the Wall) — Score
  9. "Decyzja" (Mulan's Decision) — Score
  10. "Pąki" (Blossoms) — Score
  11. "Natarcie Hunów" (The Huns Attack) — Score
  12. "Spalona wioska" (The Burned-Out Village) — Score
  13. "Reflection" Instrumental — Vanessa-Mae
  14. "True to Your Heart (Single)" — 98°, Stevie Wonder

Spanish Latin America Version[edit]

  1. "Nos vas a Brindar Honor / We're going to Provide Honor"
  2. "Reflejo / Reflection" — Analy
  3. "Hombres de Acción Serán Hoy / Men of Action You'll Be Today" Cristian Castro, Jesús Barrero, Miguel Ángel Ghigliazza, Raúl Carballeda, Eugenio Derbez, Analy
  4. "Mi Chica es la Razón / My Girl is Reason" Raúl Carballeda, Analy, Mario Filio, Miguel Ángel Ghigliazza, Jesús Barrero
  5. "Tu corazón / Your heart" — Cristian Castro
  6. "Suite de Mulán"
  7. "Ataque en la Muralla"
  8. "La decisión de Mulán"
  9. "Capullos"
  10. "Atacan los hunos"
  11. "La aldea quemada"
  12. "Reflejo" (Versión Pop) — Lucero
  13. "Reflejo" — Christina Aguilera (Special Edition)

Arabic Version[edit]

  1. ترفع رأسنا بين الناس / Turfae rasuna bayn alnnas / Lift our heads among the people (Honor to Us All)
  2. مولان في المعركة / Mulan fi almaeraka / Mulan in battle (Mulan's fight)
  3. صورتي / Surati / My photo (Reflection)
  4. منكم هعمل رجال مهما يكون / Minkum haemal rijal mahma yakun / Whatever you men have (I'll Make a Man Out of You)
  5. قرار مولان / Qarar mawlan (Mulan's Decision)

Brazilian Version[edit]

  1. 'Honra a Todas Nós / Honor All We' (Honor to Us All) — Kacau Gomes, Nádia Carvalho & Selma Lopes
  2. 'Imagem / Image' (Reflection) — Kacau Gomes
  3. 'Não Vou Desistir de Nenhum / I Will not Give up None' (I'll Make a Man Out of You) — Cláudio Galvan
  4. 'Alguém pra Quem Voltar / Someone Who to Back' (A Girl Worth Fighting For) - Isaac Bardavid, Marco Rodrigo & Deco Fiori
  5. 'Seu Coração / Your heart' (True to Your Heart)Sandy & Junior · Portuguese lyrics by Pavlos | Produced by Renato Lopez
  6. 'Tema de Mulan [Instrumental]' (Suite from Mulan)
  7. 'Ataque na Muralha [Instrumental]' (Attack at the Wall)
  8. 'A Decisão de Mulan [Instrumental]' (Mulan's Decision)
  9. 'Botões em Flor [Instrumental]' (Blossoms)
  10. 'O Ataque Hunos [Instrumental]' (The Huns Attack)
  11. 'A Aldeia Queimada [Instrumental]' (The Burned-Out Village)
  12. 'Imagem (Pop Version)' (Reflection - Pop Version)Sandy · Portuguese lyrics by Marcelo Coutinho | Produced by Renato Lopez

Mandarin Chinese version[edit]

  1. 以妳為榮 (Yi Ni Wei Rong)
  2. 真情的自我 (Zhen Qing de Zi Wo)
  3. 男子漢 (Nan Zi Han)
  4. 佳人歡迎我 (Jia Ren Huan Ying Wo)
  5. 依隨你心 (Yi Sui Ni Xin)
  6. 木蘭組曲 (Mu Lan Zu Qü)
  7. 攻上城牆 (Gong Shang Cheng Qiang)
  8. 木蘭的決定 (Mu Lan de Jüe Ding)
  9. 遲來的花開 (Chi Lai de Hua Kai)
  10. 匈奴進攻 (Xiong Nu Jin Gong)
  11. 村破垣殘 (Cun Po Yuan Can)
  12. 自己 (Zi Ji) - Coco Lee

Italian Version[edit]

  1. "Molto onore ci darai / Much honor you give us"
  2. "Riflesso / Reflection"
  3. "Farò di te un uomo / I will make you a man"
  4. "Per lei mi batterò / I will fight for her"
  5. "Taglio di capelli / Haircut"
  6. "Suite per Mulan / Suite for Mulan"
  7. "Attacco alla muraglia / Assault on wall"
  8. "La decisione di Mulan / The decision to Mulan"
  9. "Germogli in fiore / Buds in bloom"
  10. "L'attacco degli unni / The Huns attack"
  11. "Il villaggio in fiamme / The burning village"
  12. "Riflesso (Pop Version)" — Syria



Year Chart Position
1998 The Billboard 200 24


Year Single Artist Chart Position
1998 "Reflection" Christina Aguilera Adult Contemporary 19[4]

Unreleased songs[edit]

Keep 'Em Guessing[edit]

A deleted song aptly called "Keep 'Em Guessing", which was removed from the film when Eddie Murphy was cast as Mushu. This song was revealed on the Mulan 2-Disc Special Edition but Disney chose not to re-release the soundtrack to Mulan, despite doing so for the soundtracks to Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Aladdin. It was brought back for the stage musical Mulan Jr..

Written in Stone[edit]

This song was originally placed in the section where Mulan questions her identity, and decides to write her own destiny rather than succumbing to societal gender roles. It was eventually replaced by Reflection. Despite originally being a 4-minute power ballad, in the stage musical Mulan Jr., it is broken up into small pieces, and reprised many times throughout the musical. It is sung by the ancestors in the intro as they explain the family structure of China much like Tradition in Fiddler on the Roof. A later reprise by Mulan demonstrates that she wants her life to be written in stone....but by herself, not by her ancestors.