Mulan Joins the Army (1928 film)

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Mulan Joins the Army
Directed by Hou Yao
Based on Ballad of Mulan
Starring Li Dandan
Release date
Country China
Language Silent
Budget 30,000 yuan

Mulan Joins the Army (Chinese: 木蘭從軍; pinyin: Mulan Congjun) is a 1928 Chinese film directed by Hou Yao for the Minxin Film Company.[1] Minxin invested 30,000 yuan, to send a 20-member crew to Northern China and made use of four hundred soldiers in filming. Unfortunately for Minxin, the film was beaten to release in 1927 by competitor Tianyi Film Company's Hua Mulan Joins the Army (Hua Mulan Congjun) directed by Li Pingqian, and starring Hu Shan, younger sister of the famed Hu Die.[2]

This film is believed to be a lost film.[3]



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