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Coordinates: 16°01′33″S 35°30′29″E / 16.02583°S 35.50806°E / -16.02583; 35.50806
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Mulanje is located in Malawi
Location in Malawi
Coordinates: 16°01′33″S 35°30′29″E / 16.02583°S 35.50806°E / -16.02583; 35.50806
Country Malawi
RegionSouthern Region
DistrictMulanje District
 (2018 Census[1])
 • Total14,782
Time zone+2

Mulanje, formerly called Mlanje, is a town in the Southern Region of Malawi, close to the border with Mozambique, to the east. It is near the Mulanje Massif.[2]



The town of Mulanje lies along the M-2 highway from Thyolo to the west to the Mozambican border to the east. It is approximately 69 kilometres (43 mi), by road, south-east of Blantyre, the commercial and financial capital of Malawi.[3] This is approximately 380 kilometres (236 mi), by road, southeast of Lilongwe, the largest city in Malawi and the country's capital.[4] The geographical coordinates of the town of Mulanje are: 16°01'33.0"S, 35°30'29.0"E (Latitude:-16.025833; Longitude:35.508056).[5]



Mulanje is a tourist attraction and serves as a staging base for climbers who want to scale Mount Mulanje or those who want to explore the countryside at its base. Residential and camping accommodation is available.[6]

Mulanje is also the headquarters of a conservation group, the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust.[2] The small town of Mulanje is the center of Malawi's tea growing industry.[7] The Lujeri Tea Estate, adjacent to the border with Mozambique, is the location of the 8.25 megawatts (11,063 hp) Ruo–Ndiza Hydroelectric Power Station, that is owned and operated by Mulanje Renewable Energy Plc, a private enterprise.[8]


Year Population
1987 7,113
1998 12,548
2008 14,497
2018 14,782[1]

Points of interest


The following points of interest in or near the town of Mulanje include the following: (a) the offices of Mulanje Town Council (b) the offices of Mulanje District Administration (c) Mulanje District Hospital[5] (d) a branch of National Bank of Malawi[9] (e) a branch of NBS Bank[10] and (f) the headquarters of Malawi-Mulanje Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Project.[11]

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