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Mulawin title card.jpg
Title card
Created by Don Michael Perez
Theme music composer Jay Durias
Opening theme "Ikaw Nga" by South Border
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes 166
Running time 20-41 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release August 2, 2004 (2004-08-02) – March 18, 2005 (2005-03-18)
Followed by

Mulawin is a Philippine fantasy drama television series about two races of winged human birds. The Mulawin must fight the Ravena to protect the mortals from its wrath. It centers the story of Aguiluz portrayed by Richard Gutierrez and Alwina which was portrayed by Angel Locsin.[1]

It was originally broadcast in the Philippines by GMA Network daily on its primetime block. The series debuted on August 2, 2004, with high ratings throughout the show's entire run.

The series ended on March 18, 2005, and a movie sequel, Mulawin: The Movie, was released in December 25, 2005.

GMA Network also broadcast the series on its international network, GMA Pinoy TV, and the rights to show the series have been sold to other Asian countries. It was shown in Indonesia and Cambodia, dubbed in those countries' local languages.[2]

The success of the series prompted GMA Network to make a spin-off - Encantadia.[3]

In 2011, GMA Network made another Mulawin spin-off, Iglot, a story about an Unggiko, legendary pets of the Mulawin race who have become extinct in the midst of war between Ravena and Mulawin until the only surviving egg came out of a volcano when it erupted.

Mulawin vs. Ravena, the continuation of the series premiered on May 22, 2017.[4]

The full episodes of the series is available online exclusively via HOOQ as video on demand.[5] On June 5, 2017, full episodes were uploaded on GMA Network's official YouTube channel.[6]


Before Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines, flying human birds ruled the archipelago. Agiluz, a young Mulawin, was tasked by his father, who is left dying after a bout against the Ravenas Rasmus, Tuka and Kuwak, to find and protect the half-Mulawin/half-human Sugo, the one from the egg he was trying to protect from the Ravenas. Alwina, the Sugo, lives as a human under the care of Lourdes, the mangkukulam or healer of Tierra Fuego, while Aguiluz protects her from the shadows, both as a fulfillment of the promise he made to his father, and due to his growing feelings for Alwina. Things are complicated when Gabriel, the childhood friend of Alwina and is the only son of the Montenegros, the richest family in town, and Alwina grow feelings for each other. After they have decided to remain friends, it prompts Aguiluz to sacrifice his wings and his existence as a Mulawin in order to get closer to Alwina, who remains unaware of her true role.

Characters and cast[edit]

Main characters[edit]

  • AguiluzHuman/Mulawin/Ravena, tasked by his father Aguilar to protect Alwina at all cost. He later falls in love with Alwina. It was revealed that he is the biological son of Ravenum, the leader of the Ravenas and the younger brother of Gabriel. Also a "Sugo". Aguiluz is portrayed by Richard Gutierrez.
  • AlwinaHuman/Mulawin/Ravena, prophesized to be the Sugo (chosen one) who will unite the Mulawins and humans. She later joined forces with the Mulawins as she discovers her real identity. Alwina is portrayed by Angel Locsin.
  • GabrielHuman/Ravena, the childhood friend of Alwina who has developed feelings for her since childhood. He was purified into a Ravena by his father Ravenum and was hailed as the Prince of the Ravenas. Later on, he was turned back into a human. He is also the older brother of Aguiluz as revealed in the series' near-end. Gabriel is played by Dennis Trillo.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Bathalang DakilaMulawin, the aging wise leader of the Mulawins. Dakila is portrayed by Eddie Gutierrez.
  • BagwisMulawin, the protégé of Dakila favored to be the next leader of Mulawins. He is the father of Alwina and the first husband of Vultra (who was later purified into Mulawin as Veronica). Bagwis is played portrayed by Zoren Legazpi.
  • HabagatMulawin, the brother of Bagwis who secretly longs to be the next leader of their race. He later joins forces with Ravenas. He is the husband of Linang and the father of Mulagat. Habagat is portrayed by Romnick Sarmenta.
  • AvionaMulawin, has a hidden unrequited love for Aguiluz. Aviona is portrayed by Bianca King.
  • Vultra/Violeta/VeronicaRavena/Human/Mulawin, the queen of Halconia and the wife of Rasmus. She transformed herself into a human named Violeta to kill the Sugo (Alwina). She was later purified into a Mulawin as Veronica. She was revealed as the wife of Bagwis and the biological mother of Alwina. Vultra, Violeta and Veronica are portrayed by Ara Mina.
  • RasmusRavena, the king of Halconia and the second husband of Vultra. He was a Mulawin before turning into a Ravena. He was later purified back into a Mulawin to join forces against the Ravenas in the last war. He is the best friend of Bagwis who was later revealed to be an illegitimate son of Ravenum. Rasmus is portrayed by Gary Estrada.
  • Kuwak/MakisigRavena, joined forces with the Tagubas and the Mulawins and also the Long Lost Brother of Maningning . Kuwak And Makisig are portrayed by Bearwin Meily.
  • TukaRavena, revealed as the adopted mother of Lawiswis and allies with Mulawins. Tuka is portrayed by Marissa Sanchez.
  • Pagaspas/GasOwl, the owl pet of Alwina who transforms into a young boy when he is together with another owl, Lawiswis. Young Pagaspas is portrayed by Miguel Tanfelix; adult Pagaspas is portrayed by Rainier Castillo.
  • Lawiswis/WisOwl, the owl friend of Pagaspas who transforms into a young girl when she is with him. She was later revealed as the adopted daughter of Tuka. Young Lawiswis is portrayed by Sam Bumatay; adult Lawiswis is portrayed by Denise Laurel.
  • LourdesHuman, she found a giant egg which hatched Alwina whom she eventually adopted. She is accused as a witch in Tierra Fuego. She was later purified into a Ravena queen by Ravenum. She is the mother of Aramis. Lourdes is portrayed by Amy Austria.
  • Savannah MontenegroHuman, a social climber whose main goal is to get closer to Gabriel and his inheritance, no matter what stands on her way. She hates Alwina because Alwina mainly gets all of Gabriel's attention. Later on, she joined forces with the Ravenas as an evil princess. Savanah is portrayed by Karen delos Reyes.
  • Lucio MontenegroHuman, the adopted father of Gabriel. He is a ruthless landlord and the richest man in Tierra Fuego. He was later killed by a Ravena warrior with a gunshot. Lucio is portrayed by Lloyd Samartino.
  • Lucila MontenegroHuman, mother of Gabriel. She is a depressed suicidal wife of Lucio. Lucila is portrayed by Pia Pilapil.
  • TerongHuman, a peasant in the Hacienda de Montenegro and a close friend of Gabriel. Terong's death at the hands of the Ravenas made Gabriel realize that siding with the Ravenas is a wrong decision. Terong is portrayed by Kiel Rodriguez.
  • BibaHuman, a playful neighbor and the best friend of Alwina. Biba is portrayed by Jaja Bolivar.
  • LinoHuman, an orphan living with his grandmother. He wants to seek revenge against the winged beings who killed his parents. Lino is portrayed by Bryan Revilla.
  • RosingHuman, grandmother of Lino. Rosing is portrayed by Alicia Alonzo.
  • YollyHuman, the mother of Savanah who will do everything to help her daughter achieved her dreams. Yolly is portrayed by Happy Lynn Sy.
  • PamelaHuman, the best friend of Savanah. Pamela is portrayed by Tricia Roman.

Other characters[edit]

  • RavenumRavena, the surrogate father of Rasmus, the real father of Aguiluz and Gabriel, and the evil lord of the Ravenas. Ravenum is portrayed by Michael de Mesa.
  • Ina/SalimbayMulawin, the mother of Aguiluz and the guardian of the Molave Tree. Ina is portrayed by Carmina Villaroel.
  • AguilarMulawin, a great warrior-hero and the father of Aguiluz. Later in the series, Aguilar turns out to be just a mere "creation" of Dakila to hide Aguiluz's real identity and origin. Aguilar is also portrayed by Richard Gutierrez.
  • PalomaMulawin, a mysterious Mulawin living in the city, and could transform herself into a real bird. Flashbacks reveal that she is the daughter of Dakila, and that she self-exiled because of a misunderstanding with him. She later dies at the hands of the Ravenas shortly after she confessed her love to Gabriel. Paloma is portrayed by Tanya Garcia.
  • MayiMulawin, she can transform into a maya bird. She is usually sent to spy the enemies. Mayi is portrayed by Isabella de Leon.
  • Dak-dak - Portrayed by Eagle Riggs
  • Ang-ang - Potrayed by
  • Ngas-ngas - Portrayed by Bidz dela Cruz
  • Gad-gad- Portrayed by Sasi Casas
  • Kuskos - Portrayed by Michael Roy Jornales
  • Musmos - Potrayed by
  • Sakmal - Potrayed by
  • Laab - Potrayed by
  • Hampas - Potrayed by
  • Procopio - Potrayed by
  • Bianca - Potrayed by
  • Maningning - Portrayed by Princess Punzalan
  • Estrella - Portrayed by Cristine Reyes
  • Oyayi - Portrayed by Shermaine Santiago
  • Dalaginding - Portrayed by Ehra Madrigal
  • Ynang Reyna Minea - Portrayed by Giselle Toengi
  • Linang - Portrayed by Sheryl Cruz
  • Muyak - Portrayed by Nancy Castiglione
  • Aramis - Portrayed by James Blanco
  • Florona - Portrayed by Bettina Carlos
  • Banayad - Portrayed by Katarina Perez
  • Mayumi - Potrayed by
  • Daluyong - Potrayed by
  • MulagatMulawin/Diwata, the son of Habagat and Linang. Mulagat is portrayed by Jay Aquitania.
  • Balasik - Potrayed by
  • Haraya – Portrayed by Geneva Cruz.
  • Botchok - Potrayed by
  • Ching ching - Potrayed by
  • Daragit - Potrayed by
  • Caloy/Laki/Hidalgo – Winged water buffalo.
  • Young Aguiluz – Portrayed by Kurt Perez.
  • Young Alwina – Portrayed by Kristel Fulgar.
  • Young Gabriel – Portrayed by Paul Salas.
  • Young Aviona – Portrayed by Shammel Leask.



Long ago, in the dense forests of the Philippines, there lived a race of "bird-men" called Mulawin, men and women with feathers and wings like an eagle's. In those days, this noble and peace-loving race freely interacted with human beings, although they never moved too far away from the forest because it is from trees that bird-men draw their strength. But, as the human population grew in number, the people's demand for territory and resources also increased. They deforested more and more of the lands that were the Mulawin's home, and the bird-men were forced to seek refuge high in the mountains, away from greedy humans.

Despite what they suffered from the common people, the Mulawin would not harm them in return; they wanted only to preserve their way of life as best they could without coming into conflict with men. However, a splinter group soon formed with quite different intentions. This group broke away from the main tribe and became the Ravena, a fierce new race of bird-men with black and red plumage and a fearsome appearance. The Ravena's sole ambition was and is to subdue both the Mulawin and human beings.

The Mulawin founded a new home for themselves, naming it Avila, whereas the Ravena called their own realm, Halconia. At this time, the Queen of the Diwata (fairies) presented the Mulawin with two gifts: the Molave tree and the bird, Balasik. The Molave tree is the most treasured possession of the Mulawin, for if it is lost or destroyed, Avila will also lose its power and be conquered by the Ravena. The Balasik is a magical bird. Like an oracle, it knows and always speaks the truth. What is more, it is like an alchemical elixir of life: it gives youth and strength to whoever owns it. Although the Balasik rightfully belongs to the Mulawin, this clever bird pledges allegiance to no one.

Time passed on, and human beings and Mulawin grew to distrust one another. The Mulawin, fearing their own extinction at the hands of men, saw the latter only as selfish and destructive to the environment. For their part, humans made no distinction between the Mulawin and the Ravena. They taught their children to fear and despise both races of bird-men, even though it was only the Ravena who would attack and prey upon humans. As humans encroached more and more into the territories of the bird-men, Mulawin and Ravena alike fled farther away and were seen less and less often. Hence, people came to regard the idea of bird-men as nothing more than a myth, an old wives’ tale to frighten naughty children.

Now, it was foretold by the Balasik bird that a savior was about to be born. One who would unite the races of men and the Mulawin against the forces of evil. But before the child could be identified, the Ravena stole the Balasik from the Mulawin. With Balasik went the knowledge of the savior's identity to the kingdom of Halconia.

That is how the hero and the heroine's journey begin.


Mulawin: The Movie (2005)[edit]

Mulawin: The Movie is the sequel to the Mulawin TV series. It was jointly produced by Regal Films and GMA Films and was released on December 25, 2005, at the 31st Metro Manila Film Festival.

Mulawin vs. Ravena (2017)[edit]

Mulawin vs. Ravena is the sequel to the original TV series and film. It premiered on May 22, 2017. Dennis Trillo, who originally played as Gabriel on the original series reprised his role.[7][8][9]


In October 2004, GMA Records released an album entitled Songs Inspired By Mulawin which also serves as the fantasy series' original soundtrack.

Mobile game[edit]

In January 2006, a Java mobile game was released GMA New Media Inc. and Blue Blade Technologies, Inc. after the launch of Mulawin: The Movie.

It is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up game, similar to the 1942 video game and Raiden arcade game. During game play, the player can switch between Alwina and Aguiluz, shoot Ravenas and other Mulawin enemies, and acquire extra health and power points. Towards the end of each level, a strong opponent will appear that should be defeated before advancing to the next level.

This was the first mobile game to be based on a Philippine television series. GMA New Media plans to make more mobile games based on other telefantasyas such as Encantadia, Etheria and Sugo.

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