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Mulder is a surname of two possible origins: Dutch and German.

It may be Dutch language occupational surname. It is an archaic Dutch word for "miller" (modern Dutch: molenaar), derived from the Old Germanic "Mulinari".[1] With 38,207 people in the Netherlands named Mulder, it was the 12th most common name there in 2007.[2] In Belgium the form De Mulder ("the miller") is more common.[3]

The surname Mulder is also an occupational name of German origin, meaning "the maker of wooden bowls", from Middle High German mulde "bowl", "trough", or "tub" + the agent suffix -er.[4]

However, the majority of people with this last name are of the Dutch name origin. This is due in part because milling was an integral part of Dutch traditional rural life.[citation needed]

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De Mulder / Demulder[edit]


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