Muldrow Glacier

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Muldrow Glacier
Kantishna Region Geologic map showing the location of the glacier
TypeValley glacier
LocationDenali Borough, Alaska, U.S.
Coordinates63°15′38″N 150°26′14″W / 63.26056°N 150.43722°W / 63.26056; -150.43722Coordinates: 63°15′38″N 150°26′14″W / 63.26056°N 150.43722°W / 63.26056; -150.43722
View from the Eielson Visitor Center, Denali Nation Park

Muldrow Glacier, also known as McKinley Glacier, is a large glacier in Denali National Park and Preserve in the U.S. state of Alaska. The glacier originates from the Great Icefall of Harper Glacier on the east side of Denali. The glacier moves generally eastwards, receiving Traleika Glacier and Brooks Glacier as tributaries, then turning north to emerge from the Alaska Range as the source of the McKinley River.[1][2] Muldrow Glacier was named by Alfred Hulse Brooks in 1902 in honor of U.S. Geological Survey topographer Robert Muldrow. Native names include Henteel No' Loo' and Henteel No' Loot.[3]

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