Mulheres de Areia

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Mulheres de areia
Mujeres De Arena
Created byIvani Ribeiro
Developed byRede Globo
StarringGlória Pires
Guilherme Fontes
Marcos Frota
Raul Cortez
Suzana Vieira
Laura Cardoso
Sebastião Vasconcelos
Vivianne Pasmanter
Humberto Martins
Paulo Goulart
Andréa Beltrão
Daniel Dantas
Thaís de Campos
Adriano Reys
Nicette Bruno
Jonas Bloch
Isadora Ribeiro
Evandro Mesquita
Gabriela Alves
Karina Perez
Country of originBrazil
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of episodes201
Running time60 minutes
Original networkRede Globo
Picture formatSDTV
Original releaseFebruary 1 –
September 25, 1993
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Mulheres de areia (Portuguese pronunciation: [muˈʎɛɾiʒ dʒ aˈɾej.ɐ], "Sand Women") is a Brazilian telenovela produced by the Rede Globo and aired from 1 February 1993 through 25 September 1993, in 203 episodes. It was written by Ivani Ribeiro with the contribution of Solange Castro Neves and directed by Wolf Maya, Ignácio Coqueiro, Andre Schultz and Carlos Magalhães. It is a remake of the soap opera of the same name that aired on the now-defunct Rede Tupi from 1973 to 1974, when Eva Wilma portrayed the two main characters of the plot (the twins Ruth and Rachel).


Young Marcos Assunção goes to the fictional city of Pontal D' Areia to assist in the businesses of the Assunção family. The young man meets Ruth, daughter of a poor fisherman, and falls in love with her, but he ends up involved with Rachel, the twin sister of Ruth. The sisters are identical, but of opposite personalities. While Ruth truly loves the young man, Rachel desires his position and riches. She also has a lover, Wanderley, an outlaw.

Tonho da Lua, best friend of Ruth, is mentally disturbed and famous for creating sculptures of women with the sand of the beach. Rachel must also face Virgílio Assunção, Marcos's father, who doesn't accept her relationship with his son. Virgílo, an unscrupulous man, is the vice-mayor and owner of the biggest hotel in the city. His goal is to turn Pontal D' Areia into a tourist center, but he must deal with the mayor of the city, the Green politician Breno. The population of the city is divided. Breno has one ally, Tônia, a local trader. To demoralize Breno, Virgílio puts scarecrows in the beaches, symbolizing the mayor who scares the tourists.

Meanwhile, Ruth suffers in silence over the marriage of Rachel, knowing that Marcos is only interested in Rachel. The plot has a twist when Rachel is believed dead and Ruth assumes her personality to be with the man she loves. But Rachel did not die and she returns to claim her own life.


  • Glória Pires - Ruth Araújo/Rachel Araújo Assunção; Rachel - Main Villain (Killed By César)
  • Guilherme Fontes - Marcos Assunção
  • Marcos Frota - Tonho da Lua
  • Raul Cortez - Virgílio Assunção; Main Villain (Die of a cardiorespiratory arrest)
  • Suzana Vieira - Clarita (Clara Assunção)
  • Laura Cardoso - Isaura Araújo
  • Sebastião Vasconcelos - Floriano Araújo
  • Vivianne Pasmanter - Malu (Maria Lúcia Assunção)
  • Humberto Martins - Alaôr Almeida Passos
  • Thaís de Campos - Arlete Assunção
  • Adriano Reys - Oswaldo Sampaio
  • Nicette Bruno - Julieta Sampaio (Juju)
  • Andréa Beltrão - Tônia
  • Carlos Zara - Zé Pedro
  • Eloísa Mafalda - Manuela
  • Alexandra Marzo - Carola Sampaio
  • Irving São Paulo - Zé Luís
  • Karina Perez - Andréa Sampaio; Villain (It ends alone)
  • Daniel Dantas - Breno Soares de Azevedo
  • Isadora Ribeiro - Vera Soares de Azevedo
  • Henri Pagnoncelli - Dr. César
  • Jonas Bloch - Alemão
  • Paulo Goulart - Donato; Villain (Ends up in prison)
  • Gabriela Alves - Glorinha
  • Eduardo Moscovis - Tito
  • Suely Franco - Celina de Almeida Passos
  • Oscar Magrini - Vitor
  • Fabrício Bittar - Reginho
  • Paulo Betti - Wanderley Amaral; Villain (Killed By Rachel)
  • Edwin Luisi - Dr. Munhoz
  • Ricardo Blat - Marujo
  • Evandro Mesquita - Joel
  • João Carlos Barroso - Daniel
  • Alexia Deschamps - Maria Helena
  • Serafim Gonzalez - Garnizé
  • Stepan Nercessian - Delegado Rodrigo
  • Antônio Pompeo - Servílio
  • Denise Milfont - Vilma
  • Joel Barcellos - Chico Belo
  • Lu Mendonça - Do Carmo
  • Cibele Larrama - Luzia
  • Marco Miranda - Duarte
  • Marcelo Mansfield - Santiago
  • Cleyde Blota - Hilda
  • Kleber Drable - Padre João
  • Leonardo Miranda - Jota
  • Luciano Vianna - Tavinho
  • Roney Villela - Carijó
  • Toi Bressane - Rozendo


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