Mullaghreelan Rath

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Mullaghreelan Rath
Ráth Mhullach Raoileann
Mullaghreelan Rath is located in Ireland
Mullaghreelan Rath
Shown within Ireland
Alternative nameMullachreelan
LocationMullaghreelan, Kilkea,
County Kildare, Ireland
Coordinates52°56′09″N 6°52′24″W / 52.935953°N 6.873419°W / 52.935953; -6.873419Coordinates: 52°56′09″N 6°52′24″W / 52.935953°N 6.873419°W / 52.935953; -6.873419
Area6,600 m2 (1.6 acre)
Diameter92 m (100 yd)
PeriodsBronze Age
DesignationNational Monument

Mullaghreelan Rath (Irish: Ráth Mhullach Raoileann) is a ringfort (rath) and National Monument located in County Kildare, Ireland.[1][2][3][4]


Mullaghreelan Rath is located at a height of 170 m (560 ft), overlooking the River Greese. It is surrounded by Mullaghreelan Woods, a Coillte forest.

History and archaeology[edit]

The rath was mentioned in ancient Irish manuscripts in association with the Kings of Leinster: rí Raithleand (King of Reelan) is mentioned twice in Lebor na Cert. In 1854, a celt was found in the rath.[5] In 1861, a bronze age burial urn was discovered nearby.[6]


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