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Mullet DVDcover.jpg
Directed byDavid Caesar
Produced byVincent Sheehan
Written byDavid Caesar
StarringBen Mendelsohn
Susie Porter
Music byPaul Healy
CinematographyBob Humphreys
Release date
28 June 2001 (2001-06-28)
Running time
89 minutes

Mullet is an Australian film released in 2001, written and directed by David Caesar, and starring Ben Mendelsohn, Susie Porter and Andrew Gilbert.

Plot summary[edit]

In the film, Eddie (Ben Mendelsohn) returns to his home town on the south coast of New South Wales. Having left for the city without explanation 3 years ago, he tries to pick up the pieces of his life and fit back into the lives of those he left, including his ex-girlfriend Tully (Susie Porter) and brother Pete (Andrew Gilbert). The title of the film comes from Eddie's nickname and from his attempts to make a living poaching mullet.

The film succeeds in a very human portrayal of the difficulties in living on the fringe of a close-knit community. The drama of the developing relationships is supported by very dry comedy (archetypical Australian humour) and detailed but understated design.


Actor Character
Ben Mendelsohn Eddie 'Mullet' Maloney
Susie Porter Tully
Andrew Gilbert Peter Maloney
Belinda McClory Kay
Tony Barry Col
Kris McQuade Gwen
Peta Brady Robbie
Wayne Blair James
Paul Kelman Gary
Steve Le Marquand Jones
Aaron Blabey Terry
Jim Webb Big Bloke
Nash Edgerton Winger
Bryan Brown Publican (voice)


The film was based on a short story written by writer-director David Caesar. Caesar and Producer Vincent Sheehan stated that the budget for the film was approximately A$1 million. The film was shot in its entirety in the town of Kiama over four weeks in June 2000. Originally, Sheehan had intended to shoot interiors in Sydney, but found the cost of doing so was prohibitive within the film's budget. Production benefitted from the involvement of the local residents and the community, including the Kiama Knights rugby league club and cameo performances by Mick Cronin and Steve Starling, both well known Australian television personalities.[1] While shooting was undertaken on a tight schedule, in it was eight years from first concept to completion.[2]

Total box office has been reported as A$1,157,161.[3]

Awards and nominations[edit]

AFI Awards, 2001

  • Nominated: Best Actor
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress
  • Nominated: Best Director
  • Nominated: Best Original Screenplay

Australian Screen Sound Guild, 2001

  • Won: Best Achievement in Sound for a Feature Film - Dialogue & ADR Editing

Australian Writers' Guild, 2001

  • Won: Awgie Award - Feature Film - Original

Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards, 2001

  • Won: Best Screenplay - Original
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor - Male
  • Nominated: Best Actor - Male
  • Nominated: Best Director
  • Nominated: Best Film
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor - Female

Shanghai International Film Festival, 2001

  • Won: Best Director

Box office[edit]

Mullet grossed $1,165,606 at the box office in Australia.[4]

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