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Coordinates: 30°11′N 71°28′E / 30.18°N 71.46°E / 30.18; 71.46

Multan Cantt
Coordinates: 30.18°N 71.46°E
Country Pakistan
LanguagesUrdu, Saraiki, Punjabi
Time ZonePST
Yaadgaar-E-Shauhda Multan Cantt.jpg
Yaadgaar-E-Shauhda at Sher Shah road Multan Cantt

Multan Cantt (Urdu: ملتان کینٹ‎) or Multan Cantonment (Urdu: ملتان چھاؤنی‎) is a cantonment in the Multan District, adjacent to Multan city, in Punjab province, eastern Pakistan. Multan Cantt is located in the city's southwest, having coordinates 30.18°N 71.46°E.

Multan Cantt is reachable via Sher Shah, Road Multan and it's the area of industrial estate also. If you want to reach out the Multan Industrial Area then you will travel via Sher Shah Road Multan and reach out. All FGEIS schools are also located on the Sher Shah Road Multan.

The cantonment contains Bazaars including Sadar Bazaar for shopping having many shops, commercial buildings and super markets and restaurants. It have railway station and international airport. The cantonment have the biggest park of the city, Cantonment Garden, also called Cantt Garden or Company Garden. The Jheel (lake) at Fort Park is also located in Multan Cantt. There are also many villas and housing schemes started in the city. It have schools, colleges and many educational institutions.

Multan Cantt is one of the most populous area in Multan same as Gulgasht Colony, Qasim Bela, Gulshan Market and Hussain Agahi. Sohan Halwa is the famous food of the cantonment.


Sadar Bazaar road entrance

Sadar Bazaar[edit]

Sadar Bazaar is the second most eminent market of Multan Cantt after Hussin Agahi. This bazaar holds premium products which are not obtainable someplace in Multan. It holds about all the possessions of everyday use, therefore containing all sorts of shops like cloth houses, electronic shops, perfume shops etc.[1] Sadar Bazaar road is a one way road extended from Tipu Sultan Road to Mehfooz Chowk.

Things on Sadar Bazaar:

  • She Shop
  • Mehboob Bakers
  • Rays Garments Multan
  • Mehfooz Pan Shop
  • Salman Brothers Army Shield Makers

Linking Roads:

  • Tipu Sultan Road
  • Ghani Bukhari Road
  • Opal Shaheed Road

Churi Bazaar[edit]

Churi Bazaar, also an eminent market of Multan Cantt, known for the street of bangles, and also refers as Sadar Bazaar. It also contains many shops including shops of bangles, clothes, jewelry, laces and earrings.

Sarafa Bazar[edit]

Sarafa Bazaar started at the end of Sadar Bazaar. It is also a One-way road extended from Mehfooz Chowk to Bomanji Chowk. Sarafa Bazaar is also known as "Dahi Bhalla Bazaar" because it have many Dahi Bhalla shops there. It also have shops of canvas, shoes, sports and medical stores.

Linking Roads:


Cantt Garden[edit]

Night view of a fountain at Cantt Garden

Cantt Garden also known as Cantonment Garden or Company Garden is the biggest and most beautiful garden in Multan. It is located on club road near Service club, called MGM.[2] It is contains jogging tracks for jogging, canteens for light foods and kindergartens rides, slides and swings for children. The garden has fountains, trees and mini zoo.

A Flower show holds every year in the month of March and April for the welcome of spring season. It includes exhibition of beautiful and colorful flowers. Live singing and dancing concerts also hold at night during flower show.

Fort Park[edit]

Fort park, also known as Chaman Zar Askari Lake or Jheel is located on Sher Shah road in Cantt. It also one of the beautiful parks in Multan. It contains lake for boat riding, rides for children and elders, canteens and mini zoo.[3]

Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park[edit]

Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park is located at Emperial Chowk near Cantonment Multan Hospital.[4] It is the smaller park than Cantt Garden and Fort Park in Cantt. It holds for a tribute to Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed, the last and most recent recipient of Nishan-e-Haider.


Inside view of Laal Masjid Multan Cantt

Cantt consists of a number of beautiful mosques. Cantt Eid Gah Mosque is the biggest mosque of Cantt. Following is the list of Mosques in Multan Cantt:

  • Cantt Eid Gah Mosque Nusrat Road
  • Laal Masjid/Jamia Masjid Cantt
  • Ghousia Majid Allama Iqbal Town
  • Masjid Fatimat-ul-Zahra Bohra Street
  • Masjid Abu Muhammad Mall Road
  • Masjid Anujuman Nusrat Road
  • Masjid Ibraheem
  • Madina Masjid


Cantt also has two churches

Night view of St. Mary's Cathedral & Bishop's House Multan

St. Mary's Cathedral & Bishop's House[edit]

St. Mary's Cathedral & Bishop's House is a cathedral, church. It is most beautiful and biggest church in Multan. It is located near Cantonment Multan Hospital opposite Federal Boys School branch 1.

Multan Cathedral[edit]

Multan Cathedral is the church located at Aurangzeb Road opposite Federal Boys School branch 2 and also one of the beautiful church.

Commercial Buildings and Markets[edit]

  • Bomanji Square
  • Service Club Multan/Multan Garrison Mess
  • Radio Pakistan
  • Khan Center
  • Khawar Center
  • Mall Plaza
  • Khan Plaza
  • Fashion Mall
  • City Center
  • McDonald's


  • Cantonment Multan Hospital (CMH)
  • Christian Hospital

Educational Institutions[edit]

FG Girls High School Multan Cantt entrance gate
FG Degree College for Boys Sher Shah road Multan Cantt


  • Army Public School
  • FG Boys High School No.1
  • FG Boys High School No.2
  • FG Girls High School
  • FG Public High School
  • FG Public Junior High School
  • Nusrat-ul-Islam Girls High School
  • Nusrat-ul-Islam Boys High School
  • Zaib Foundation High School


  • Army Public Degree College for Boys
  • FG Degree College for Boys
  • FG Degree Women College
  • Nusrat-ul-Islam Girls College


Flyovers and Roads[edit]


  • Yousuf Raza Gillani Flyover is longest flyover in Punjab province and 2nd largest flyover in Pakistan. Ground breaking of this flyover was done by former prime minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gillani on the new year ceremony on Saturday, 31 December 2011. It was built at a cost of around Rs.1.6 billion rupees. It is the part of Inner Ring Road Multan project.[5] It is a four lane flyover with partitions. Two one ways of two lanes each. Length of the flyover is 1.6 km (excluding length of extra three ramps). There are three extra ramps connecting to the main flyover.
  • Railway Flyover is an old flyover in Multan located on Cantt Railway Station. It extended from Aziz Hotel to Double Phatak Chowk.


Name Extension Nearby Places
From To
Abdali Road S.P Chowk Ghanta Ghar Nawah Sheher, Fawara Chowk
Nusrat Road Bomanji Chowk S.P Chowk Radio Pakistan, Christian Hospital
Sher Shah Road Dera Adda Sher Shah Interchange Aziz Hotel, Cantonment Garden, Jheel, Garden Town, Muzaffarabad
Old Bahawalpur Road S.P Chowk Kalma Chowk Tariq Road
Mall Road Quied-e-Azam Road Bomanji Chowk Mall Plaza, Nusrat Road
Quied-e-Azam Road Mall Road Ghoora Chowk Mall Plaza, Post office, Cantonment garden
Tipu Sultan Road Sadar Bazaar Ghoora Chowk Army Headquarters, Talha Road
Qasim Bela Road Emperial Chowk Qasim Bela SSS Line, Multan International Airport
Airport Road Empiral Chowk Chungi No.1 CMH Multan, Ayub Stadium, Multan International Airport, Lagaryal
Aurangzeb Road Tipu Sultan Road Grass Mandi Quied-e-Azam Road, Sher Shah Road
Emperial Road Emperial Chowk S.P Chowk Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park, Khan Plaza, Multan Church
Gujjar Khadda Road Bomanj Chowk Dera Adda Afshar Colony, Tasty Hotel
Railway Road Aziz Hotel Haram Gate Cantt Railway Station, Saddu Hasaam, Lakar Mandi, Chowk Shaheedan


  • Ayub Stadium
  • CMH Sports Grounds
  • Railway Ground

Railway Station[edit]

Front view of Cantt Railway Station

Multan Cantonment railway station or Multan Chaoni railway station is the principal railway station Multan, located on the railway road. It is a major railway station of Pakistan Railway located on Karachi-Peshawar main railway line. The station is staffed and has advance and current reservation offices. Food stalls are also located on it platforms.

Named Passenger Trains[edit]

Train Name Route
Bahauddin Zakaria Express Multan-Karachi via Hyderabad and Rohri
Mehr Express Multan-Rawalpindi via Kot Adu and Mianwali
Musa Pak Express Multan-Lahore via Khanewal, Sahiwal, Okara, and Raiwand

International Airport[edit]

Front view of Multan International Airport

Multan International Airport is situated at Qasim Bela road.[6] It was originally built to cater mainly to the population of Multan, however as the airport gained much popularity traffic from surrounding areas which included Shujabad, Vehari, Lodhran, Khanewal, Mian Channu, Shorkot, Muzaffargarh, Kot Adu, Layyah, Rajanpur, Burewala, Chichawatni and Sahiwal.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

PIA Boeing 747-300 taking off from the newly renovated runway.
Air Arabia Sharjah[7]
Airblue Jeddah, Karachi, Medina, Sharjah
Emirates Dubai-International[8]
Flydubai Dubai-International
Gulf AirBahrain[9]
Pakistan International Airlines Abu Dhabi,[10] Islamabad, Jeddah, Karachi, Lahore, Medina,[11] Riyadh
Qatar Airways Doha[12]
Shaheen Air Dubai-International, Jeddah, Karachi, Medina, Riyadh
Taban AirSeasonal: Mashhad

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