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[[File:Dialects Of Punjabi.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Punjabi dialects]]
#REDIRECT [[Saraiki dialect]]
'''Multani''' is a language spoken in southern [[Punjab, Pakistan]]; it is variously classified as a dialect of [[Saraiki language|Saraiki]] or [[Punjabi language|Punjabi]]. Multani shares some similarities with [[Jhangochi dialect]] of Punjabi and northern dialects of Sindhi, and also has its own distinct features.
It is called Multani because it is spoken in and around [[Multan]]. It is mentioned in ancient documents.It is also known as Standard Saraiki since 1964.
Multani is mainly spoken in [[Multan District]], [[Muzaffargarh District]] and adjacent ares like some parts of District Lodharan district. This entire area has almost the same traditions, customs and culture. The Multani dialect of Punjabi has several aspects that set it apart from other Punjabi variants.
[[Khwaja Ghulam Farid]] was an eminent poet of Multani.
== Comparison with Majjhi dialect of Punjabi ==
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
! English
! [[Majhi dialect|Majhi]] or Standard Punjabi.
(Central Punjab of [[Pakistan]] and [[India]])
! Multani.
(Southern parts of [[Punjab Province (Pakistan)|Punjab Province]])
! What, This
| Ki, Ae
| Kia, EE
! How much, This much, That much
| Kinna, Inna, Unna
| Kitna, Itnna, Utnna
! My, Your, His, Our, Yours, Their, Of
| Mayre, Tayra, Oda/Osda, Saada, Tuhada, Onaanda, Da
| Mayda, Tayda, Usda, Asaada, Tusada, Uninda, Da
! Me, To you , Him, To it, Us, To you, Them, To
| Maynoo, Taynoo, Onoo/Osnoo, Aynoo/Esnoo, Saanoo, Tuhaanoo, Onaannoo, Noo
| Maykhoo, Taykhoo, Uskhoo, iskhoo, asaakhoo, Tusaakhoo, Uneenkooo, khoo
! I am, You are, He is, We are, You are, They are (going)
| Mae aan, Tu ayn, O ay, Assee/Assaan aan, Tussi/Tussaan O, O nay (Jaa nda/day (plu) )
| Mae haan, Tu hayn, Oo hay, Asaan haan, Tussaan ho, Oo han (Ve aynada/ay (plu) pya/ay )
! I was, You were, He was, We were, You were, They were
| Mae saan, Tu saen, O si, Assee/Assaan saan, Tussi/Tussaan so, O sn
| Mae haan/m, Tu havaen, Oo hi/aa, Assaan hassay, Tussaan havaen, Oo aahin
! I shall take, You will take, He will take, We shall take, You will take, They will take
| Mae lae aan ga, Tu lae ayn ga, O lae i ga, Assee/Assaan lae aan gay, Tussi/Tussaan lae o gay, O lae aan gay
| Mae ghin ays aan, Tu ghin ays ayn, Oo ghin ays i, Assaan ghin ays aan, Tussaan ghin ays o, Oo ghinays n
! Go, Come, Happen, Take away, See
| Ja, Aa, Ho, Le Ja, Vekh
| Vnj, Aa, Thee, Ghinivnj, Dekh
! Boy, Girl , Women, Man
| Munda, Kuri, Znaani, Aadmi
| Chohr, Chohir, Tremit, Muns
! From, A lot
| Toon, Bot
| Toon, Baon
! One, Two, Nine, Ten
| Aek, Do, No, Das
| Hikk, Doo, Naa, Daah
==See also==
*[[Lodhran District]]
== References ==
[[Category:Languages of Pakistan]]
[[Category:Dialects of Punjabi]]
[[Category:Multan District]]

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