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Multi-Paul is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the Image Comics series Invincible.

Multi-Paul is the twin brother of Dupli-Kate. Very little is known about him as he was only mentioned in the 3 page Dupli-Kate origin story. What is known is that he has the same powers as his sister and that his current whereabouts are unknown.

Multi-Paul resurfaces from his self-imposed exile to avenge his sister's presumed demise, taking his vengeance over Rex Splode and Invincible. Kate tries to stop him, only to find that Invincible was able to total Paul's dupes, and now intends bring Paul to jail.

In issue 47 (which takes place after Paul's apparent arrest) the rock-skinned crime boss known as Titan is seen in dialogue with Mr. Liu, an older Asian man with a mechanical jaw and enormous bodyguard. Mr. Liu makes a vague reference to both an "organization" and an "order" of which Multi-Paul is evidently a member. He demands that Titan quickly restore Multi-Paul to him. Multi-Paul was locked up in Stronghold Penitentiary. After an unsuccessful attempts by Titan to free him Paul is freed by his master Mr. Liu.