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Six pack rings for beverage cans
Paperboard basket
Plastic six-pack carrier

A Multi-pack is packaging that combines or holds multiple items or smaller packages.


Multi-packs can be used to:

  • Combine several items for a larger unit of sale, often with a reduced individual cost
  • Provide convenience to carry several items
  • Help prevent package pilferage
  • Provide a tamper indicating seal
  • Reduce environmental impact of secondary packaging[1]
  • Keep items clean[2]
  • Obscure the bar codes on the individual combined items and provide a new one for the multi-pack


Beverage cans and bottles are sold in multi-packs such as six packs, twelve packs, and cases of 24.[3] These can be paperboard baskets, paperboard overwraps and cartons, corrugated fiberboard boxes, HDPE plastic handles, six pack rings, and shrink packs.

Other uses[edit]

A wide variety of items and packages are combined into multi-packs for sale.


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