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MultiCultural Aotearoa (MCA) is an anti-fascist group that was formed in 2004 in response to racist attacks in the New Zealand capital, Wellington.

Its main policies are to:

On 23 October 2004, the MCA led an anti-racism march from Te Papa to the steps of Parliament to protest an NZNF demonstration. The NZNF had originally planned to demonstrate against Asian immigration, but after the MCA march was organised the topic was changed to support for the New Zealand flag.

Estimates of attendance at the MCA march vary widely: the national television networks estimated 300, the NZ Herald estimated 800, and the MCA itself claimed 3,000. It included anarchists and members of the International Socialist Organization, among other supporters.

A scuffle broke out when the "Anarcho Faeries" (about 15 people dressed in costumes including a pink tutu) chanted at the NZNF and were joined by MCA marchers and bystanders. Eventually the National Front protestors left Parliament grounds followed by a small group of Faeries, a few others and most of the police and journalists.

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