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Filename extensions.mmd
Developed byFletcher T. Penney
Initial releaseMay 2007 (16 years ago) (2007-05)[1]
Latest release
6 (6 years ago)[2][3]
Type of formatOpen file format
Extended fromMarkdown[4]

MultiMarkdown is a lightweight markup language created by Fletcher T. Penney as an extension of the Markdown format. It supports additional features not available in plain Markdown syntax.[5]

There is also a text editor with the same name that supports multiple export formats.[6]

File format description[edit]

The MultiMarkdown language adds the following features to the basic Markdown specification:[7][8]

  • footnotes
  • tables
  • citations and bibliography (works best in LaTeX using BibTeX)[9]
  • math support
  • automatic cross-referencing ability
  • smart typography, with support for multiple languages
  • image attributes
  • table and image captions
  • definition lists
  • glossary entries (LaTeX only)
  • document metadata (e.g. title, author, date, etc.)


There are a series of open-source interactive and automated software tools for editing and conversion to XML, HTML, and LaTeX[10] that share the same name as the format.[11] Several other open-source and commercial text editors, such as Scrivener, also include broad MultiMarkdown support.[12]

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