Multiagency Coordination Systems

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Multi-agency Coordination Systems (MACS) are a part of the United States standardized Incident Command System.[1] MACS provides the basic architecture for facilitating the allocation of resources, incident prioritization, coordination and integration of multiple agencies for large-scale incidents and emergencies.

Functions and responsibilities[edit]

The principal functions and responsibilities of MAC entities typically include the following:

  • Ensuring that each agency involved in incident management activities is providing appropriate situational awareness and resource status information;
  • Establishing priorities between incidents and/or Area Commands in concert with Incident Commanders or a Unified Command;
  • Acquiring and allocating resources required by incident management personnel in concert with the priorities established by Incident or Unified Command;
  • Anticipating and identifying future resource requirements;
  • Coordinating and resolving policy issues arising from the incident(s); and
  • Providing strategic coordination as required.

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