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Multicore cable is a generic term for an electrical cable that has multiple cores made of copper wire. The term is normally only used in relation to a cable that has more cores than commonly encountered. For example, a four core mains cable is never referred to as multicore, but a cable comprising four coaxial cables in a single sheath would be considered multicore.

The term snake cable is frequently used in the professional audio recording industry to refer to an audio multicore cable.

Multicore cables are used with professional video cameras. In television studios, 26-pin cables are used to connect "cameras" to camera control units (CCU). Triaxial cables are used primarily in outside broadcasting however both are capable of delivering an HD-SDI feed and 30 - 40 Watts of power for the Cameras.

Many different kinds of multicore cable can be found in the list of video connectors.

Typical signals multicore cable can provide both digital signal and analog signals: