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A multiple-system operator (MSO) is an operator of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems. A cable system in the United States, by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition, is a facility serving a single community or a distinct governmental entity, each of which has its own franchise agreement with the cable company. Though in the strictest sense any cable company that serves multiple communities is an MSO, the term today is usually reserved for companies that own multiple cable systems, such as Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, and Videotron in Canada; Altice USA, Charter Communications, Comcast and Cox Communications in the United States; or Virgin Media in the UK.

Top multichannel video service providers in the United States by number of subscribers[edit]

  • All data from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. except where noted[1]
Rank MSO name Brand Total subscribers Technology
1 Charter Communications Spectrum 14,122,000 Cable
2 Comcast Xfinity 14,106,000 Cable
3 DirecTV DirecTV, DirecTV Stream 11,300,000 Satellite and IPTV
4 Dish Network Dish Network 6,471,000 Satellite
Sling TV 2,055,000 IPTV
5 YouTube (Google) YouTube TV 7,900,000 IPTV
6 Disney Hulu 4,600,000 IPTV
7 Verizon Fios 3,012,000 Fiber
8 Cox Communications Contour 3,050,000 Cable
9 Altice USA Optimum 2,262,000 Cable
10 FuboTV FuboTV 1,618,000 IPTV
11 Mediacom Xtream 3,140,000 Cable
12 Philo 800,000 IPTV
13 Cogeco Breezeline 280,145 Cable
14 Frontier Communications Frontier 234,000 Fiber
15 Cable One Sparklight 142,300 Cable

Top multichannel video service providers outside of US, by number of subscribers[edit]

Country MSO name # of subscribers
India India DEN Network 23,000,000[citation needed]
India India NXTDIGITAL INDigital 22,500,000
India India Hathway Cable 22,500,000
France France Altice France (SFR) 21,900,000[2]
China China Shandong Cable Network 18,000,000[3]
China China Guangdong Cable Network 13,000,000[4]
India India Siti Cable 30,525,000
Europe Mainland Europe (7 countries) UPC Broadband[5] 9,100,000
China China Beijing Gehua 5,840,000[6]
Germany Germany Vodafone Deutschland[7] 8,900,000
South Korea South Korea KT Genie TV 8,783,984[8]
China China Shanghai Oriental Cable Net 6,700,000[9]
South Korea South Korea SK Broadband 6,419,536[8]
Brazil Brazil Claro TV+ 5,381,000
South Korea South Korea LG U+ 5,362,089[8]
United Kingdom United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland Ireland Virgin Media 4,772,800
Canada Canada Rogers Cable 4,643,000
South Korea South Korea LG HelloVision 3,699,046[8]
Japan Japan J:Com 3,300,000[citation needed]
Netherlands Netherlands Ziggo[10] 3,017,000
South Korea South Korea KT SkyLife 2,953,347[8]
South Korea South Korea SK Broadband Cable 2,831,064[8]
India India Asianet Broadband 2,500,000[11]
Belgium Belgium Telenet 2,300,000
Germany Germany Kabel BW 2,300,000[citation needed]
South Korea South Korea D'LIVE 2,004,728[8]
Spain Spain Vodafone Spain[12] 1,823,536
Sweden Sweden Com Hem 1,760,000
Switzerland Switzerland Cablecom[13] 1,670,000
Canada Canada Videotron 1,652,200
India India Kerala Vision 1,500,000[14]
Portugal Portugal NOS[15] 1,467,000
South Korea South Korea CMB 1,425,850[8]
United Kingdom United Kingdom BT 1,400,000
Portugal Portugal Altice Portugal (MEO)[15] 1,387,000
South Korea South Korea skyHCN 1,277,671[8]
Denmark Denmark YouSee A/S 1,200,000
Taiwan Taiwan Kbro 1,150,000[citation needed]
Taiwan Taiwan CNS 1,100,000[citation needed]
Canada Canada Shaw Direct 886,106
Canada Canada Cogeco 859,090
Australia Australia Austar 742,000
Poland Poland Vectra S.A. 740,000[citation needed]
Taiwan Taiwan TBC 700,000
Taiwan Taiwan TFN media 550,000[citation needed]
India India APSFL 500,000
Canada Canada Eastlink 457,075
Spain Spain Euskaltel 400,000

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