Multiplexed Transport Layer Security

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In information technology, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol provides connection security with mutual authentication, data confidentiality and integrity, key generation and distribution, and security parameters negotiation. However, missing from the protocol is a way to multiplex application data over a single TLS session.

Multiplexed Transport Layer Security (MTLS) protocol is a new TLS sub-protocol running over TLS or DTLS. The MTLS design provides application multiplexing over a single TLS (or DTLS) session. Therefore, instead of associating a TLS connection with each application, MTLS allows several applications to protect their exchanges over a single TLS session.

MTLS is currently in draft stage which expired in October 2011.

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  • OpenSSL: a free and popular implementation.
  • GnuTLS: a free implementation whose licensing is compatible with the GPL.

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