Multiplicity (album)

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Studio album by Dave Weckl
Released July 5 2005
Genre Fusion, Jazz
Length 54:09
Label Stretch Records

Multiplicity is a 2005 studio album by American drummer Dave Weckl.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Watch Your Step"
  2. "Elements of Surprise"
  3. "Vuelo"
  4. "Inner Vision"
  5. "What It Is"
  6. "Chain Reaction"
  7. "Cascade"
  8. "Mixed Bag"
  9. "Down On The Corner"


  • Dave Weckl - Drums, Percussion
  • Steve Weingart - Keyboards
  • Gary Meek - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet
  • Tom Kennedy - Bass on "Watch Your Step", "Vuelo", "Inner Vision", "Chain Reaction", "Mixed Bag"
  • Ric Fierabracci - Bass on "Elements of Surprise", "What It Is", "Cascade", "Down on the Corner"
  • Paul Pesco - Guitar on "Watch Your Step", "What It Is", "Chain Reaction", "Cascade", "Mixed Bag", "Down on the Corner"
  • Richie Gajate Garcia - Percussion on "Elements of Surprise", "Vuelo", "Inner Vision", "Cascade", "Mixed Bag"

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