Multnomah, Portland, Oregon

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Multnomah is located in Portland, Oregon
Coordinates: 45°28′02″N 122°42′46″W / 45.46719°N 122.71282°W / 45.46719; -122.71282Coordinates: 45°28′02″N 122°42′46″W / 45.46719°N 122.71282°W / 45.46719; -122.71282
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Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
 • Association Multnomah Neighborhood Association
 • Coalition Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
 • Total 1.44 sq mi (3.74 km2)
Population (2000)[1]
 • Total 6,625
 • Density 4,600/sq mi (1,800/km2)
 • No. of households 3196
 • Occupancy rate 95% occupied
 • Owner-occupied 1582 households (49%)
 • Renting 1614 households (51%)
 • Avg. household size 2.07 persons

Multnomah is a neighborhood in the Southwest section of Portland, Oregon, centered on the Multnomah Village business district. The community developed in the 1910s around a depot of the Oregon Electric Railway of the same name. It was annexed by the city of Portland on November 7, 1950.[2]

Multnomah lies between SW 45th Ave. in the west, SW Capitol Hill Rd. in the east, SW Vermont St. in the north, and I-5 in the south. Exceptions are the area north of SW Nevada Ct. and east of SW 26th Ave. (part of Hillsdale), an area south of SW Multnomah Blvd. and north of SW Dolph St. where SW 48th Ave. is the western border, and an area south of SW Marigold St. where SW Capitol Highway is the western border. The neighborhood is bordered by Maplewood, Ashcreek, and Crestwood on the west, Hayhurst and Hillsdale to the north, and South Burlingame, Markham, and West Portland Park to the south and east.

The street fair in Multnomah Village during Multnomah Days 2009. Looking northeast down SW Capitol Highway from its bridge over SW Multnomah Blvd.

A bit of Portland history played out in the Village on April 7, 1987, when Mayor Bud Clark fired Police Chief Jim Davis while the two were having a breakfast meeting at the Fat City Cafe.[citation needed]

The neighborhood celebrates "Multnomah Days" with a parade and street festival each August.

Multnomah Village was, for a long time, home to the world's first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, which was physically located in an office there.[citation needed] The website has since relocated. The village features prominently in the 2011 independent film Rid Of Me, although its locale is cited as fictitious Laurelwood, Oregon.[citation needed]

Historic buildings[edit]

  • The Multnomah School (1913) has, since 1979, served as the Multnomah Art Center.
  • The Nelson Thomas building (1913) now houses Marco's Cafe.
  • The 1925 Masonic Lodge (Orenomah Chapter No. 141) is now the Lucky Labrador Public House.



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