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The Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) is a public trust that organizes the annual international film festival in Mumbai known as the Mumbai Film Festival (MFF).

The 17th edition of the film festival was held from October 29, 2015 to November 5, 2015.[1]

Filmmaker Kiran Rao is the chairman of the trust.


In 1997, a group of film industry stalwarts headed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee founded the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image as a not for profit trust. The main intention was to organize an annual international film festival of which the film industry and the country can be proud of.

MAMI aims to foster a climate of good cinema. It holds that appreciation of good cinema, stripped off all the limiting labels of art and commercial, can only come about through exposure to the best of films the world has to offer. The festival is designed to be the first step in that direction.

MAMI Board of Trustees clarified in their Mission Statement in 1997: "We feel it is the need of the hour to disseminate and inculcate good cinema among Indian audiences. The only way to achieve this is to celebrate cinema by hosting an international film festival in Mumbai (birth place of Indian Cinema), India’s film and entertainment capital. Mumbai Academy of Moving Image is committed to start Mumbai’s first independent international film festival organized by practicing film makers."

Mumbai Film Festival[edit]

The 17th edition of the festival was held from 29 October to 5 November 2015 and in 2016 it's happening from 23 to 27 October.


International competition for the first feature films of directors
This selection aims to attract fresh talent to the festival. The competition is open to debut filmmakers from all over the world.
Dimensions Mumbai
A short film competition of five minute duration or less in any format by the Youth of Mumbai below the age of twenty five, on any aspect of this bustling metropolis, Mumbai.
Harmony celebrate age
This competition aspires to encourage filmmakers from all over the world to look at the spice, fun, adventure and concerns of growing older.
World cinema
World Cinema showcases the best cinema of the year which are selected from important global film festivals.
Above the cut
Films in this category screens a package of debut feature films which could not be accommodated in the International Competition.
Films in this selection present films from the past.
Indian frame
Features the very best of Indian Cinema from all regions of the country.
New faces in Indian cinema
Screens first and second feature films of Indian directors to provide a platform for emerging Indian filmmakers.
The real reel
Showcases award-winning and critically acclaimed feature length documentaries which carry strong opinions on issues concerning social lives, human nature and many other topics.
Film India worldwide
The global face of Indian cinema, which has gone beyond reflecting

Notable participants[edit]

MAMI is chaired by Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegal.

The other Trustees of MAMI are:

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