Mumbaicha Dabewala

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Mumbaicha Dabewala
Mumbaicha Dabewala.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Manohar Sarvankar
Produced by Mukund Vitkar
Starring Bharat Jadhav
Deepali Saiyyed
Smita Gondkar
Madhu Kambikar
Music by Ram Laxman
Release date
  • 28 December 2007 (2007-12-28)
Country India
Language Marathi

Mumbaicha Dabewala is a Marathi movie released on 28 December 2007.[1] Produced by Mukund Vitkar and directed by Manohar Sarvankar. The movie paints a vivid picture of the dabbawallas intricate delivery system, their line of work and their unique numbering system.


Nama is a young, hardworking Dabbewala in Mumbai. He diligently does his job of reaching lunch boxes to various people at offices. One such customer is a young lottery seller named Hema and soon love blossoms between the two.

Meanwhile, a terrorist named 'Vardhan', possesses a CD containing secret information worth crores of rupees, makes a deal with an underworld don. When the police get to know of this they corner him and in an ensuing struggle Vardhan is badly injured. Nonetheless, he hides the CD in one of the nearby dabbas and notes down its number. Before breathing his last he blurts out the number to one of the don's associates but is unable to give any more details. The don, left with a mere number, has no clue of what the number stands for.



The music is provided by Ram Laxman.


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