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Mumford Cove is a private association in Southeastern Connecticut located adjacent to Groton Long Point, bordered by Noank Connecticut's Haley's Farm nature preserve, Palmer's Cove, and Fisher's Island Sound. It is a part of the town of Groton, Connecticut. The neighborhood was first developed in the late 1960s, and a number of the original ranch, raised-ranch, and colonial homes remain. More recently, new construction and high home values have made Mumford Cove a desirable location in the Mystic/Groton area. Homes for sale in 2006 ranged in price from about $500,000 to $2.5 million, while the average home in Groton sells for about $220,000.

Mumford Cove has private tennis courts, a large beach, a marina, a boat launch, picnic grounds, communal sail boats, a playground, and other amenities for residents, as well as neighborhood-wide parties, tennis matches, and picnics. A former home for Governor John Dempsey, Mumford Cove is now notable for resident Claire Gaudiani, prominent for her role as Chairman of the New London Development Corporation, which organized the eminent domain seizures that lead to a recent Supreme Court case, and her presidency of Connecticut College.

Mumford Cove is notable for being an entirely private community; unlike its neighbor Groton Long Point, it is not a borough of Groton, and therefore maintains its roads, snow removal, dredging, garbage collection, and other necessities independently, mainly through annual dues paid by residents. This status makes it illegal to walk, drive, park, or use any facilities if you are not a resident or a guest of a resident. Additionally, Mumford Cove has strict rules in regards to new construction, notably pertaining to the size of homes, the percent of the lot used for the home, and the setbacks from both neighbors and the road. For these reasons, lots tend to be larger, homes more proportionally sized, and living more private than in Groton Long Point, Noank Village, and other beach communities in the area. Mason's Island, in nearby Stonington, Connecticut, which also has a private association is the most similar locale in the Southeastern region of the state.

Mumford Cove was marred by ecological crises in the 1970s, when raw sewage was routinely pumped into the waters of the cove and salt marshes of the area. Since this practice was halted, the EPA has studied and assessed the health and safety of the waters off of Mumford Cove, which have now nearly returned to their natural levels.[1]


Coordinates: 41°19′23″N 72°00′50″W / 41.323°N 72.014°W / 41.323; -72.014