Mumtaz Shikoh

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Mumtaz Shikoh مُمتاز شِکوہ
Shahzada of the Mughal Empire
Reign India
Born 16 August 1643
Agra, India
Died 6 December 1647(1647-12-06) (aged 4)
Sirhind, India
Burial Lahore
House Timurid
Father Dara Shikoh
Mother Nadira Banu Begum
Religion Islam

Shahzada Mumtaz Shikoh (Urdu: مُمتاز شِکوہ ‎), (16 August 1643 – 6 December 1647[1]) also known as Mumtaz Shukoh, was the third son of Mughal prince Dara Shikoh.