Muna Island

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Native name: Wuna (Witeno Wuna)
Buton Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 5°00′S 122°30′E / 5.0°S 122.5°E / -5.0; 122.5Coordinates: 5°00′S 122°30′E / 5.0°S 122.5°E / -5.0; 122.5
Area 2,889 km2 (1,115 sq mi)
Largest settlement Raha
Population 268,140 (2010)
Ethnic groups Muna people, Butonese people, Bugis, Javanese

Muna (Pulau Muna) is an island in the Southeast Sulawesi province of Indonesia with an area of 2,889 km2 (1,115 sq mi). It is located just southeast of the island of Sulawesi. It currently comprises a regency (Kabupaten Muna) within the province.

Three men from the Island of Muna, on the left stands a nobleman and in the centre and to the right are two men from the Reha people