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Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Roger Corman
Mike Elliott
Written by Michael Hitchcock
Starring Andrew Stevens
Dom DeLuise
Loni Anderson
Jaime McEnnan
Arte Johnson
Toni Naples
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Monique Gabrielle
Scott Ferguson
Mike Simmrin
Fred Olen Ray
Music by Chuck Cirino
Cinematography R.J. Robertson
Edited by Helen Chao
Francisca de Rezende
Liza D. Espinas
Distributed by New Concorde
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
78 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Munchie is a 1992 comedy film. The film was directed by Jim Wynorski. The film stars Andrew Stevens and Loni Anderson and (a then-unknown) Jennifer Love Hewitt makes her debut as a film actress.

The film was released in 1992. It claimed itself to be a sequel to the 1987 comedy horror film Munchies, a film inspired by Gremlins, though it has no relation whatsoever.


Gage Dobson is a young boy dealing with various problems in his life. He is constantly bullied at school (by his fellow students AND the teachers), his mother, Cathy, (Loni Anderson) is dating the "creep" Dr. Elliot Carlisle (Andrew Stevens), with whom Gage has a mutual hatred, and the girl he adores, Andrea (Jennifer Love Hewitt), doesn't seem to know he exists. Gage's only friend is Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson), whom everyone considers a crackpot. After wandering into an abandoned mine, Gage finds a creature that calls itself Munchie (voiced by Dom DeLuise). Gage runs home, frightened by the creature, only to find that Munchie has followed him home. Munchie explains to his new "pal" that he has magical powers and can help him out with the problems in his life.

Munchie's "help," however, only causes Gage more trouble. Munchie helps him get revenge on the school bullies (one is continually humiliated during a performance of Romeo & Juliet, the other is beaten up in the wash room) but he also helps to embarrass the school principal, who threatens Gage with expulsion. Fed up with Munchie's machinations, Gage takes him to Cruikshank, who reveals that Munchie is an eternal creature that has been in every major civilization since time began. Gage leaves Munchie with Cruikshank, only to have Munchie return to his house and put together a huge party while Cathy and Dr. Carlisle are on a date. The party is a big hit; Gage's principal, who attends, tells him he won't have to worry about expulsion, and Andrea and Gage finally get a chance to talk and they hit it off well.

While Cathy and Carlisle are on their date, Carlisle manages to disgust her with his misogynistic attitudes ("thirty something divorcees with children are a glut on today's market") and she demands he take her home early. They arrive and find the party in full swing. Cathy is furious with Gage, but when Carlisle finds a sleeping Munchie, he kidnaps him to take him to his office for experiments. With the help of Andrea and Cruikshank, Gage manages to get Munchie back and a chase ensues, culminating with Carlisle crashing into a donut shop and getting arrested by nearby cops.

Munchie leaves to join Cruikshank on a foreign expedition, promising Gage that they'll see each other again someday.


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